Malay customary law is understood to derive from two sources: adat pepatih and adapt. Adat pepatih developed among the matrilineal Minangkabau of Sumatra. According to the Minangkabau Adat pepatih, The Creator is the Prime Mover, The First Cause, The Absolute and The Phenomenon. Although we learn about. What is adat land? • customary land tenure is that it is a matriarchal system or adat pepatih and applicable in the districts of Kuala Pilah,. Rembau, Jelebu and.

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The influence of the family will be used to pressure the criminal to amend his ways. A digest may give a very faithful picture of its subject but not he actual laws. In the absence of precise rules, common sense came to be regarded as the only possible law, discussion as the only possible procedure.

Commercial Law: Customary Law in Malaysia : Adat Perpatih

This is because the upper class want to preserve their status and power. Unanimity is obviously a survival from early days of family rule but though they have long since outgrown family rule, the Minangkabau have never learnt to bow to the decision of the majority. The unmarried males have the right of life occupancy over the property of their mothers. The adat temenggong was different. This can be illustrated in the saying that: This article needs additional citations for verification.

Penalties consist of four groups, admonition, reproof, fines and corporal punishment mutilation, torture, death. The system practices democracy in electing chiefs and a king. Minangkabau Malay culture Women in Indonesia. The difference between adat pepatih and the adat temenggong is visible in the days of British administration Whenever a miscarriage of justice occurs in Pepatig, Pahang and Selangor the Malays takes it very calmly but in Negeri Sembilan the whole population is exited by any non-recognition of the local adat.

Islamic adaf in the Malay world During the 14th country Malacca raised to be the centre of Malay civilization in the Peninsular. In relation to the law of theft for example, twelve circumstance are forbident. Malays in other parts of the Peninsular are supposed to follow adat temenggong. When conflict arises the injured is made whole by applying the customary remedy which in most cases, especially in adat pepatih society consist in awarding compensation.


Adat Pepatih Archives – Viddsee BUZZ

Shake it and you are sprayed with moisture. There may be variety of meanings attributable to some of them. Customary Law is an ancient or native unwritten law for a particular local place.

This is one of the ways where a chief continue to preserve his sovereignity over his people. Under the circumstances it is not difficult to paint a very highly coloured picture of the immense improvement in the position of the Malay mases since the introduction of British rule. Adat has play a major role in Malay community for many centuries as “adat” has reflected the importances of their lives. As they are not bound by precedent though a precedent may have a great persuasive authority, they can reinterpret the adat in such a way to suit the adst day conditions.

Below the female members position of Adat Perpatih; According to local malay term: By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. Legal sanction are those in which force may be used by a recognized authority Being the living law at eppatih certain time in a certain place, adat is elastic and adaptable to social needs and as such not suitable for codification.

In other words, the granddaughters of a deceased female inherit through their deceased mother’s right of inheritance. In other words, the social structure of the Malays was not being changed entirely by Islam but it gave a new dimension of interpretation to the social order of the community itself.

The adat temenggong was administered on autocratic lines.

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The injured is made whole. The so-called Malay law codes or digest should therefore not to be taken too seriously as representing the adat law in a certain state; decision of tribal chiefs and local institutions will give a more faithful picture of living adat law.


Open rather cages were built at public discourage the public from criminal acts by the sight of horribly mutilated criminals. Click here to sign up. Court intrigues were a favourite pastime and rivalry amongst the chiefs caused sudden political charges. In other words the adat pepatih is more organized so as to win the heart of its followers. In addition to that the whole spirit of autocracy is hostile to strictly define system of law.

Sometime the state of the society itself had not reached the point at which it would be advisable to define pepstih particularly the offences that the chief was empowered to punish.

The imposition of a decision of the majority might leave the minority discontent, while a unanimous decision would make everyone feel a sense of harmony, a feeling of belonging together.

Inter – tribal marriage is strictly offence in their adat perpatih custom law. Adat Malays in Peninsular Malaysia are governed by adat and Islamic law in addition to the general law applicable to all communities. Adat Pepatih is in conflict with Islamic rules in the sphere of land inheritance. The early missionaries of Islam found aeat that officials were administering a system of Hindu customary law and the Malays were very much influenced by mysticism and they tried very hard to change that in compliance with the Islamic teachings using every method of propaganda at their comand.

Administration of the adat The Malay in general is not a litigious person. This is a practice which was pepaith in the Malay States in those days. The system of government in the Malay sultanate clearly did not lend itself at any time to a proper administration of justice. Secondly, the chief in Negeri Sembilan were never actually united.

At best it only encourage a chief to assist his own followers against a stranger.

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