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Instruction (AFI) _IP, Management Of Aviation Critical Safety Items; Air Force Policy. Directive , AFMC Quality Assurance; and. Find the most up-to-date version of AFI at Engineering Additionally, this AF Instruction (AFI) implements the policies in management is contained in AFI , Air Force Acquisition Quality.

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Combined, these practices aci the foundation for SE process discipline that leads to repeatable excellence in product life-cycle management and higher levels of customer satisfaction.


However, if leadership determines that a validation assessment is required, the Engineering home offices or others designated as responsible 63–501 notified. Assessors rely upon the information developed during the self-assessment phase. Establish mechanisms for collecting, reviewing and 635-01 upon data related to product operations and support e. CMG3P2 Perform configuration audits to maintain integrity of the configuration baselines Description: DG1 The design is based upon a documented architecture, traceable to requirements, and optimized for the set of requirements and constraints DG1P1 Establish and maintain the architectural design baseline Description: Aggregate risks based on their interrelationships, and develop options for all risks within the category.

A Measuring attributes of the process and work products produced by the process; B Provide metrics showing trends to support proactive improvements; C Developing corrective qfi and track to closure; and D Providing feedback to process stakeholders. Select the configuration items and work products that define them.

Well-defined interface specifications may form the basis for some commitments. Ensure that repair, overhaul or modification operations are carried out in accordance with approved technical data.

Leadership initiates a self-assessment based upon a multitude of factors including: Design considerations should include ease of change, technology transparency and mitigating the risk of component obsolescence. CMG2P2 Establish and maintain 635-01 and change management systems. The combination of a decrease in funding and the drawdown of forces at home and abroad has placed greater demand afl Air Force assets. Subsequent directives from the Secretary of the Air Force and the Air Force chief of staff gave very specific instructions for upgrading and managing the acquisition workforce.

Process areas, goals and associated practices described in this model avi derived from a number of sources, including those 63-51 below. Define tasks in the WBS for the work of ati project to include activities performed by the acquirer as well as the suppliers and other stakeholders to ensure the planning effort covers the full scope. DAG1P5 Select the solution s from the alternatives and document decisions based on the evaluation Description: Consider common collaborative tools for communication and development e.


Consider an iterative process of requirements refinement involving the suppliers and the end user as the design matures. A repeatable criteria-based decision-making process is especially important, both while making the critical decisions that define and guide the acquisition process itself and later when critical decisions are made with the selected suppliers.

Peer reviews within a project should include “independent” participants from other organizations not directly connected to the material being reviewed.

Consider the implications of controlling access to classified information and sensitive but unclassified information e. Perform trade studies using formal methods for decision analysis and analysis of alternatives Document and obtain stakeholder coordination on key decisions affecting requirements.

Define thresholds and authorities for controlling resolution of issues subject to a formal evaluation process in the guidelines.

For some requirements, review of previous requirements for validity and accuracy may comprise much of the effort. The resulting plans should be reviewed for consistency with the overall acquisition plans. Provide mechanisms for identifying technology alternatives.

Obtaining commitment involves interaction among all relevant stakeholders acquisition, sustainment, support, test, operations, product enhancement both internal and external to the project. The description area contains amplification and clarification of the practice.

Monitor reliability, maintainability, supportability data, as well as that for the other Integrated Logistics Support ILS areas. In a succession of builds, the simulated product is constructed, evaluated, improved, and reconstructed based upon knowledge gained in the evaluation process.

High- level interface requirements for interoperability in any system of systems architecture should be considered. Identify the policies which must be implemented to manage the failure modes which could cause the functional failure of the product in operations e.

Establish a corrective action team to ensure adequate attention to the causes of defects. The committee planned and participated in the workshop and prepared the report Owning the Technical Baseline for Acquisition Programs in the U. Version September 14 Version September Reporting is accomplished for specific and generic practices separately.


See paragraph 6, Results Afj.

Both hardware and software need to be considered in the specification of functional, performance, and interface requirements. Quantify the risk probability and consequence in terms of cost and schedule. Evaluate and accept the supplier products. The system should be able to retrieve documentation of any baseline and status of all CM actions CMG2P3 Create or release technical baselines. Conduct FAI inspection and verification on a representative item from the first production run of a 6-3501 part, or following any change that invalidates the previous first article inspection result.

Implement a root cause analysis and corrective action system. Validation assessors use this information, personal interviews, and independent research to determine if a practice is being met.

Perform validation activities and collect resulting data according to the approved methods, procedures, and criteria. All process documentation affecting product quality should be placed under configuration control. Continually monitor risks aif risk handling, and, when warranted, adjust risk handling or mitigation plans. The processes and associated practices address acquirer activities as well as activities conducted by the integrator or supplier and other organizations throughout the supply-chain.

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Human interface requirements 63-5001 be consistent with human factors principles. Air Force ceded control, active oversight, and in-depth understanding of the technical baselines for weapon systems to defense prime contractors with negative consequences that included 1 loss of ability to perform independent technical analysis, 2 loss of ability to validate defense contractor technical decisions and conclusions, 3 atrophy of the engineering workforce competency, 4 decrease in the ability to attract and retain top engineering talent due to hands-off engineering, 5 decreased ability to control costs, and 6 a reluctance by industry to share detailed, proprietary technical data for fear of transfer to competitors.

Consider how technical data, to include informal data as well as formal project data and plans, will be shared across all relevant stakeholders.

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