Charlotte Moore finds a morally powerful, exhausting and extraodinary novel in ‘ Alone in Berlin’ by Hans Fallada. Alone in Berlin [Hans Fallada, Michael Hofmann] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. Otto, an ordinary German living in a shabby apartment. Inspired by a true story, Hans Fallada’s Alone in Berlin is the gripping tale of an ordinary man’s determination to defy the tyranny of Nazi rule.

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Sorry, your blog cannot share posts by email. All through the city, they leave anonymous postcards, decrying the lies and brutality of the Nazis. By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy.

Review: Alone in Berlin by Hans Fallada | Books | The Guardian

Unfortunately the characters in this book are a bit crude, small, and futile as well — at times I felt as though I were watching an episode of Hogan’s Heroes gone off its antidepressants. Der Irrsinn liegt im Erbrecht, nicht in den Schutzfristen Mosereien. Based very much on fact, the two of them anonymously drop cards boasting anti-government sentiment into official buildings.

Nor does it claim that its characters are able to salvage their humanity in small acts of defiance– these people are bent, broken and obliterated by the regime. Think I’ll find more books by Fallada and hope they have a different translator. Die Zeit in German.

In this book, a mild mannered man wrote anti-Nazi postcards and dropped them randomly for others to find. Not a single character in it represents aalone type or fulfils an overt purpose.

Rereading: Hans Fallada’s Alone in Berlin

Return to Book Page. This campaign of postcards and eventually letters were left randomly and the Gestapo were lead on a merry chase trying flalada finding the perpetrators. During this period he also struggled with morphine addiction, and the death of his younger brother in the first World War.

His novel, Kleiner Mann – was nun? In has largely homogenous German society of that era, uneducated Germans didn’t use bad grammar, they just constructed simpler sentences and may not have used correct spelling.

One of earliest German editions, Fallada was given the Hampels’ Gestapo files by Johannes Bechera poet, [6] novelist and friend of Fallada’s, who returned from exile after the war and became president of the cultural organization established by the Soviet military administration in the Soviet sector.


Hmm not sure what I should say about this book. Indeed, no one is safe.

But I was mostly bothered by the writing style and the inclusion of picaresque characters who seem intended to be, on some level, comic or pathetic. His adolescent years were characterized by increasing isolation and self-doubt, compounded by the lingering effects of these ailments. Ognuno muore solo di Hans Fallada – Commenti e discussione. Then the Quangels receive berin news that their beloved son has been killed fighting in France.

See 2 questions about Alone in Berlin…. It is a story about a couple Otto and Anna Quangel, who after losing their only son in the war, embark on a postcard writing campaign against the Third Reich. At the age of 18 he killed a schoolfriend in a duel, and spent much of his career in psychiatric hospitals and drying-out clinics or in prison for thieving and embezzlement to support his morphine habit.

A thousand regulations and prohibitions take the place of law, while justice is destroyed by an insistent appeal to the most sordid, cruel and mean-spirited elements in human nature. Thanks for telling us about the problem. The reader knows that the Quangels cannot ultimately escape the grinding savagery of the regime, that a mistake or a betrayal will one day entrap them; the question is not whether they can cheat death, but whether their integrity and love for berlib other can survive the inevitable tortures and interrogations.

Still, what a pile of shit to have lived through such a terrible time. Loading comments… Trouble loading? I assumed that it would be a devastatingly real portrayal of life faolada Hitler’s yoke and at times it did feel like that. Refresh and try again. I found this book interesting rather than enjoyable.

In February he finally emerged free of addiction. TV Programme in German. Fully aware that any ideas about how I myself would have acted in a dictatorship are mere speculation and wishful thinking, I strongly tend towards the second view. It is based loosely on a true story – a sort of Nazi “In Cold Blood”. Hans Fallada died before publication; he was an ill, tormented man.

The difficult aspect to sustain across the length of a novel is that ‘re-imagining’ part, wherein the author privately has no idea of the world he’s busy orche There is good reason to skip the category of books known as Historical Fiction, and sometimes the reason is obvious. Thousands of men must have fallen. The idea that a convicted criminal may be aloje to escape into eternity is all but unbearable to the frustrated Pinscher, who is forced to recognise that beyond death there can be no more interrogation and no more punishments.


The ultimate police state. There were sections that made me rage against the Nazi bullies. I wish I’d read it in German! And it doesn’t try to make the case that there was anything like effective resistance against the Reich. It is great on the This is an excellent book detailing a story of resistance fa,lada Berlin during World War 2.

Otto and Elise Hampela working class couple in Berlin, were not interested in politics, but after Elise Hampel learned that her son [1] had fallen in France, she and her husband began committing acts of civil disobedience.

It was one of the few books I can recall presenting Germans in a human light, and showing ordinary Germans during the Nazi yemach shemo period struggling with the problems of addressing right and wrong while wondering why their Jewish neighbors should be taken away for no reason, yet also the fear of doing anything, and the pervasive control of the Nazi party over all aspects of German life during that period.

Whether it’s nobler to suffer the slings and arrows or to take arms against them – even when the result is almost certainly failure. Not a really bad book, but nothing amazing. Fallada desperately needed to put to word the moral collapse of his society; sadly, his need outreached his talent, and despite the urgency of his task the characters he presents are beyond his comprehension.

Based very much on f What a fabulous story! In some film adaptions and translations it is her brother. What more can they want than the power to kill, to destroy at will, beglin possess the fates and futures of their citizens? I appreciate the fact that the writer did not go through in describing in detail the tortures and fa,lada way of interrogating, but still he doesn’t lose the ability to create feelings pity, anger, despair for the heroes.

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