Appligent’s server-based StampPDF Batch stamps text & images into PDF documents. Flexible stamping includes built-in variables such as Bates numbers. Add watermarks, disclaimers and digitized signatures, or document control data such as Bates numbers, time/date stamps, status or contact information. Use Appligent’s Redax redaction tool (an Acrobat plug-in) to properly remove confidential, classified, sensitive or private information from PDF files.

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Click the Stamp button. Encrypt PDF documents with User and Owner passwords as well as set document permissions to control viewing, printing, copying, assembly and accessibility. Available for Windows and Macintosh.

Optimize output files to reduce file size. Add one stamp or many stamps to PDF documents. Tell me more about StampPDF How do you create a Bates stamp? If more room is necessary, then the application will applibent to consume spaces next to modified characters.

Applient bit or bit file encryption to your stamped documents using owner and user passwords to control access and ability to modify the document. Learn more about working with StampPDF variables. November – Redax is available for Windows only.

Stamping & Personalization

Here are a collection of tutorial videos answering some common Redax questions. It is not intended to work inside wtamp the Adobe Reader. Set a user password to control who may view, print, or modify a document, and an owner password to control who may change security settings.


Create a stamp and save it in a stamp file.

New Redax & StampPDF Documentation Site – Appligent

Rotate text stamps to any angle and position image stamps by dragging them on a simulated page. The output Arabic text will have the same length as the input text. If the text of alpligent item contained in the stamp file contains one or more pairs of percent signs, the text between each pair of percent signs is the name of a variable to be replaced.

Designed for mission-critical on-demand and high-volume publishing, document personalization, document merging and report-assembly implementations utilizing PDF files, AppendPDF Pro is loaded with features, engineered for performance and is designed for entirely unattended operation.

Bates numbering Watermarking Flexible page numbering options Over 30 built-in variables Automatic date and time stamping Add stamps to every page in a document, or to specific page ranges or increments Stamp copyright notices, disclaimers, or any other text in your choice of font, point size, opacity level, and color RGB or Grayscale Create as many lines as you need in your text stamps with complete control over line breaks Use variables to stamp file and path name, document information, page numbers, Bates numbering, and the date and time in a variety of formats Specify a precise location for your stamps; layer them over or under existing text and graphics.

Redax will not install into the free Adobe Reader. Apply bit or bit file encryption to your stamped documents using owner and user passwords to control access and ability to modify the document.


The new 2D barcode stamps are supported with all of the placement options available for Image and PDF stamps.

How do I remove the old page numbers and re-apply new page numbers to my PDF? Do not hesitate to contact us if you have any further questions!

Scale them to the size you need without changing the original graphic. Redax Enterprise Server makes it possible to centralize automated, semi-automated and manual document redaction processes on a server. This is typically used to reduce the size of the page and create white space at the top and right side of the page.

Appligent was the first to natively redact PDF documents aplpigent holds Appkigent. We’ll provide expert guidance on all the many features available in PDF forms to assure a successful outcome.

Does your organization need to stamp a high volume of documents through unattended or on-demand environments? This video will demonstrate how to change and replace Exemption Codes in all existing Redax boxes with a new code. This post is also available in: By continuing to browse the site, you are agreeing to our use of cookies. Section Apligent Appligent is committed to making its client software accessible to persons with disabilities.

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