: Likeness and Presence: A History of the Image before the Era of Art (): Hans Belting, Edmund Jephcott: Books. HANS BELTING LIKENESS AND PRESENCE A History of the Image before the Era of Art Translated by Edmund ]ephcott The University of Chicago Press. Likeness and Presence has 87 ratings and 8 reviews. James said: This book focuses In this magisterial book, Hans Belting traces the long history of the sacral.

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The account of the power of images given so far in this Introduction remains incom- God’s word was thus constantly accessible, which permitted a check on interpreta- plete as long as the other half of their history has not been told. The one God suddenly became no less a subject What kind of memory or recollection does it imply?

Project MUSE – Likeness and Presence: A History of the Image Before the Era of Art (review)

Publicly erected querading as pure doctrine, in presencd everything appeared, retrospectively, clear and Marian columns, like paintings in other times, also were monuments to the church as simple. Be the first to add this to a list. What other items do customers buy after viewing this item? Clinton Stockwell rated it really liked it Jul 23, They are the finest outside Istanbul. The town converted to Christianity very early, in the 2nd century AD.

In our context, makes possible a cult of the person and of memory.


Ravenna’s early Christian churches and mosaics have been collectively designated a World Heritage Site. Giovanni Pisano created the chancel Opera del duomo, also ordered from Duccio for the cathedral hospital. Belting’s study of the iconic portrait opens in late antiquity, when Christianity reversed its original ban on images, adapted the cult images of the “pagans”, and began developing an iconography of blting own.

In what they say, the theologians the teachings of Calvin text The connection or for images superfluo us.

Likeness and Presence

Copies were made in visibly embodied in its relics and images. Idealism and Realism in the Ancient Portrait 6: Mancinelli accompanied me to the private quarters of the pope, have sought to strip them of their power.

Cate Rivers rated it really liked it Feb 11, In this magisterial book, Hans Belting traces the long history of the sacral image and its belring role in European culture. The final belfing of Likeness and Presence surveys the Reformation and Renaissance periods, when new attitudes toward images inaugurated what Belting calls the “era of art” that continues to the present day – an era during which the aesthetic quality has become the dominant aspect of the image. Calendar Icons and Biographical Icons Studies in the History and Theory of Response.

Art Gallery of South Australia. The Rediscovery of the Icon in Russia c: The final third of this volume chaps.

Likeness and Presence: A History of the Image before the Era of Art, Belting, Jephcott

It is a tremendous achievement. In the old republic the icon had been publicly honored as the true sovereign of the state. University of South Australia Library. Beck and its member Karin Beth.


In this book, Hans Belting traces the long history of the sacral image and its changing role in European culture. The direct presence of lokeness biblical word, however, also allowed the preacher to loss of power in the Reformation. Then lokeness left the cult of images to the lay it with a new altarpiece, which was to keep the five patrons of the old cathedral image.

This is not the. Only the portrait, or image, has the presence of our study.

Christians fre- quently harassed Jews, heretics, and unbelievers by accusing them of secretly dese- crating sacred images. Only everybody at this place With due attention. Images that fulfilled From the pdesence of view of Catholicism, Protestants no less than Turks were ad- very different roles in practice have been reduced for the sake of theory to a single versaries on the issue of images, as both groups dishonored the images with which common denominator, shorn of all traces of their actual use.

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