Ben Jonson’s Epicoene. MARJORIE SWANN. Englishmen in the early modern period were obsessed with their bloodlines. “One of the most striking features of. Ben Jonson. This web edition published by [email protected] Last updated Wednesday, December 17, at To the best of our knowledge, the text of. Epicoene has ratings and 22 reviews. sologdin said: principal antagonist is a ‘man who prefers no noise,’ which is an apt description of my

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You are not worthy of the benefit. Knight 14 be bee 15 bene. I prithee, Otter, call her. The knave hath exceedingly well fitted me without: Noted also, without indication of date, is another amateur performance in an abbreviated text made by Miss A.

Epicoene by Ben Jonson

La-Foole La-foole 20 M rs. The twentieth and twenty-first centuries have seen a number of successful revivals, beginning with a production by the Mermaid Repertory Company at the Great Queen Street Theatre from 8 to 13 Maydirected nonson Philip Carr, with the following cast: Come, the name dulls appetite. Why, I do as you see, empress, empress. Would you go to bed so presently, sir, afore noon? Here, I deliver it thee as my deed.

Epicœne, or The Silent Woman – Wikipedia

She is my regent already! Male rhetoric was what fashioned femininity on the early modern English stage Habermann, And may he lose the invention, sir, of carving lanterns in paper.


Create one here Forgot password? A lady should, indeed, study her face, when we think she sleeps; nor, when the doors are shut, should men be enquiring; all is sacred within, then. I will not endure it any longer.

And I am clearly on the other side: Do you observe this gallery, or rather lobby, indeed? This is not a resetting but the result of type disturbed by press-work.

On, to the rest. Pembroke College, Cambridge, LC.

I will venture upon you, sir. If this be true, we are happy again, sir, once more.

Perhaps too, as Richard Dutton proposes ed. The play takes place in Londonprimarily in the home of Morose. Talk me of pins, and feathers, and ladies, and rushes, and such things: I was her servant, and sir Amorous was to be.

Epicene: Textual Essay

Cited in Coates, Jennifer. Gants and James Riddell have identified rare instances where the original setting occurs on both sides of the single middle sheet of 2Y, leading to the conclusion that Stansby must have printed this sheet, turned it over, and perfected it, seemingly in the knowledge that he would benn to interrupt the work on the folio for resetting of 2Y.

O do not talk to me, take not from me the pleasure of dying in silence, nephew. O, Cutbeard, Cutbeard, Cutbeard! And they do no way impedire.

Epicene: Stage History

Epicoene or The Silent Woman. Parliament was scheduled to open the next day. That falls out often, madam, that he that thinks himself the master-wit, is the master-fool.


Her sister Bianca only speaks 29 times, whereas the other secondary male characters speak more: Goodreads helps you keep track of books you want to read. Epicoene, a supposedly very silent woman, is married to Morose, a man who loves silence; and the rest of the comedy, which satirizes pretensions been learning, strength, and opulence, slowly, with expert handling on Jonson’s part, breaks down the patience of Morose – and the humor of the climactic test of patience, where Cutbeard and Otter quibble epifoene Latin legal terms, isn’t lost on anyone for lack of Latin, for the senselessness of arguing over terms is universally appreciated, and the impatience of Morose, as a result, can be keenly felt by all; and in this wonderful scene, the misogyny of Morose is hilariously reversed when he himself is forced to state, “I am no man!

The cast was put together from University of Toronto graduate students and faculty, as well as a few faculty from elsewhere, who were given the script about six months in advance; everyone read it a few times on their own and then the company convened three days before the festival and had a fairly intense rehearsal period.

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