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This was another of VW’s fascinating reads that winpsear up with very botched ending. Oh god this was awful. Plus, we have the recycled near-miscarriage scene most prevalent in HPlandia, heroine tumbles down the stairs. They argue and he then forces himself upon her. And then he sorta raped her the first time? I guess I skimmed the book because I missed how much bwitched the hero was from the heroine. Oct 10, sbf rated it it was ok. I am not sure if her single status had to do with these repressed desires, maybe?

Aug 02, Mudpie rated it it was ok. I had a hard time with this one.

We never see the damn thing. Her constant fixation on her looks and the deprecating comments about wearing glasses was absurd. I don’ Review: It felt anything but electric and at times a bit incestuous.

In need of bewitchrd but, when roused, capable of breathtaking passion and potency. For the first time in their relationship, he loses that cool, withdrawn demeanor that is typical for him.


By Love Bewitched by Violet Winspear – FictionDB

Here we have all these untied threads regarding an OM a rather romantic painter who is obviously besotted with his muse, the heroine, and hints at all sorts of drama surrounding the unveiling of his portrait of her, which we NEVER get around to and an OW a woman who hewitched to her death while driving on the windy road leading to the hero’s rather isolated mansion, and the heroine then morbidly chooses to clothe herself in one of the dead woman’s dresses, leading to a violent confrontation with the hero and so it bewitchd really a let down that VW chose to end the story bewitcched a rather flimsy HEA triggered by another of those convenient Harlequin life or death experiences that bring two otherwise brutally antagonistic protagonists together in a lovey dovey reunion.

He was crazy, she was crazy, it was too much. Want to Read saving….

I admire her stubborness and the way she sticks to her feelings that he hurt her. Needless to say, damn unPC but Winspear is a very good writer, if a bit on the poetical, flowery side. Please check winspead my review of this book and other books at: I’ve enjoyed her other books.

The H bought her everything she had, took care of her, gave her a home, security and shared almost everything he had with her when he could have left her at an orphanage.

By Love Bewitched

Like being a shop girl was a great choice of career!? Too much attraction too soonand it sounds like incest. If he’s worried about his reputation, he could always marry someone else, or encourage Dinah to get a job and move out. Published August by Harlequin Books first published I do have a liking for the hero in this novel because he was consistently patient and just enough to be bswitched in a weird sort of way.


Mostly the heroine berating the hero childishly. He convinces her to come back home, and to marry him so that his heir can be legitimate. But then she bloomed and Jason asked her to marry him. True that it was implied that she did respond to him some but she definitely felt violated.

By Love Bewitched : Violet Winspear :

Aug viplet, Tiger rated it it was ok. The portrait that we spend half the bloody reading about, that Barry is painting of Dinah?

Gee, you think being raped and impregnated by your father figure then forced to marry and live with him might just spoil your mood? She decides to flee because she overhears two nasty women lovr how unattractive she is, and speculating that the hero most eligible man about town can’t possibly love her.

I didn’t really see the romance between them. By Love Bewitched by Violet Winspear.

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