Download CARE2X – Integrated Hospital Info System for free. Integrated Hospital Information System. PHP,mySQL,PostgreSQL. ER Diagram with detailed fields descriptions (PDF files) (Release version , , ). Person. Person – Encounter – Address (). Please refer to the documentation of PHP in doing these configurations. If you are running Care2x in an SSL server, make sure that the $httprotocol variable in .

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If you are using mysql, skip this step and go to step The planned modifications and our time schedule are seen there also.

Installation of CARE 2X – manual installation

Create a new system admin documentatioh. Make sure that the server can write in the following directories and files. Even though it is free we still have to use money for customization, but we can also get the support from the community developing it. You will be asked for the username and password for accessing the database.

Download and install PHP script engine in your system. We think the biggest problems with any program will be at the user level and there is very much need for training and motivation. The following installation procedure is valid ONLY for documentatoin deployment mysql 1.



OpenMRS updated 1 month ago. Enter your admin username and your admin password. Check this link http: The programming was started in December The secret key for the second level script lock. When the interface appears, you can start creating user access rights and permissions.

Create the remaining tables.

There are no off-the-self systems and all programs must be customized to our needs and we need support during the implementation and in the long run. You must remember this name since you need it in creating the database in later steps. In creating these tables you must follow the order of running the sql scripts as stated here. Care2x integrates data, functions and workflows in a healthcare environment. Each hospital can make smaller modifications to it according to their requirements.

Care2x Integrated Healthcare Open Source Environment – Clinfowiki

You cannot create additional Admin permission using this interface. The mobile sleep lab app: Kijabe Mission hospital has joined to the project. Type the following address in your browser: The installation is finished.

Enter the username and password that you used at step 8. Collaborative documentation Care2X Roadmap: I think, Now-a-days web based software is in great demand. You are welcome to let us know via our contact form.


Put your ideas here Care2X Development Blog: FreeMED updated 1 month ago. Why Care2x for Hospital Car2x System. If the web server is within a network, enter specifically the IP adresses for the hosts.

Within the newly created database create the tables. Despite Care2x is still under development and needs a more depply revision, the most important issue in this development is that it was the second open source initiative to develop an HIS after the OpenVista project.

Care2x is made with known good tools: More information about Care2x can be found in its homepage http: The project was officially accepted in March You have to follow the step 18 to create additional admin permissions. Skip to main content. The idea was to develop an open source framework for hospital information systems based on open source code.

OpenEMR is another program with good features but is best for small practices.

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