Constructal Theory of Social Dynamics brings together for the first time social scientists and engineers to develop a predictive theory of social. Constructal Theory of Social Dynamics brings together for the first time social scientists and engineers who present predictive theory of social organization, as a. Constructal Theory of Social Dynamics by Adrian Bejan, , available at Book Depository with free delivery worldwide.

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The tree shape of a mature river is the easiest-access configuration that connects an infinite number of points the drainage basin with one point.

Each stone was i pushed horizontally, ii construcatl, and iii dropped at the next, higher level. The speed of transportation also increases as individuals proceed from home to the larger avenues Fig.

Constructal Theory of Social Dynamics

This new law brings life and time explicitly into thermodynamics and creates a bridge between physics and biology. The book offers a new way to look at social phenomena as part of natural phenomena, and examines a new domain of application of engineering such as thermodynamic optimization, thermoeconomics and “design as science”.

When the optimized tree structure becomes donstructal complex it also becomes more robust with respect to changes in the tree pattern. The first chart Fig. The latter serves as common destination for all the people who live in A.

A difference between the two cases is that in Mexico the railroad line was the main channel, while in Argentina the railroads were part of the consfructal delta, not the primary channel which was constructaal shipping lane to Europe.

Application to the Air Traffic System All animals, regardless of their habitat land, sea, airmix air, water, and soil much more efficiently than in the absence of flow structure. What are the Alternatives to Optimality?

However, constructal theory allows us to take a different approach, not of starting with constraints, but beginning with general design goals that can be used to deduce principles for optimized locomotion systems.

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Spatial Patterns of Airport Flows One is vertical loss: The closure of such a system of equations is not easy and is achieved with the help of empirical information. The horizontal loss may be dominated by dry friction against a hard surface, permanent deformation of a soft surface such as sand, mud or snow, or air drag.

In a second part of the study Reis and Bejanthe Constructal Law was invoked in the analysis of atmospheric circulation at the diurnal scale. Geotemporal Dynamics of Epidemics The chief conclusion so far is that the use of geometric form shape, structure is an effective route to achieving high levels of global performance under constraints. Both losses are needed for flying; neither can be avoided. Flow density of deportable Mexican aliens, per million population of constituent INS districts, 9 Jonesp.

Population Motion and Spread of Epidemics River basins result, for instance, from these naturally organized flow architectures Bejan ; Reis a. Constructal theory predicts animal design and geophysical flows, and makes evolution a part of physics. The problem is one of allocating a finite length of street to each finite patch of area A1where A1 H1 and the street has the length L1 and width D1.

At least four possible explanations come to mind. This universal behavior law has been observed both in inanimate and animate systems e. Heitor Reis The form of the flow tree that offers the lowest resistance to flow of people under the existing constraints may be derived analytically as follows. The prevailing point of view is that intrinsic differences exist among the main types of locomotion—running, flying, and swimming.

Unfortunately, this virtuous cycle was not to last. Constrcutal addition, according to the rules of scale analysis Bejanall factors within one Figure 1. Experience and longevity are useful when the needed system is envisioned as an assembly of already existing parts.

From it, science was born and developed to the present day, where it is responsible for our physical and intellectual well-being. Is swimming like running and flying? The River Basins Case Flow architectures are everywhere in nature, from the planetary circulation to the smallest scales. Three possible ways of attaching a new user to the optimized A2 construct of hot water pipes of Fig. Argentine rail grid, 41 thekry Gilbert W. The constraint is the total amount of insulation wrapped around the pipe: Flying A bird in flight spends useful energy in two ways.


There exists an optimal shape H2 L2and a minimal global travel time. It brings social organization under the same physics principle that accounts for the generation of flow architecture design in geophysical flows, animal design, and engineered flows.

Third, networks are more efficient systems than alternative forms of linkage.

Constructal Theory of Social Dynamics

There is no difference thepry the animate and the inanimate when it comes to the opportunity to find a more direct route subject to global constraints, for example, the opportunity of getting from here to there in an easier manner.

Note that in this configuration T6 vonstructal T5. The most complex design of the one-by-one sequence Figure 3. Popular passages Page – Pasti, L. Walking is the first soccial of movement for people when they depart from home.

One loss is the lifting of the body weight to a height that can be generalized as the body length approximately the length of the limbs. Constructal theory offers a considerably more direct explanation: The basic idea, however, is that constructal theory is the law cited at the start of this section.

Our finite-size brains keep up with the steady inflow of new information through a process of simplification by replacement: Water is collected from theoory area and conducted through a network of channels of increasing width up to the river mouth. Furthermore, the configuration of Fig. These flows have objectives e.

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