John Who? If you don’t know who John Franklin is, he’s the author of Cyclecraft, the guide to riding a bike on the road. That in itself is fine, as it. This is exactly what John Franklin has done with CycleCraft. The most notable is Effective Cycling by John Forester. Effective Cycling was. John Franklin. · Rating details · 58 ratings · 4 reviews. Provides a guide to safe cycling. This work contains practical advice on how to ride a bike confidently .

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Generally speaking, you are at your safest in traffic if you can move at a speed comparable to that of the other vehicles. May 12, at 7: Here are some key citations.

Notify me of new posts via email. I took my 6-year-old daughter on an mile round trip to a car boot sale on Monday, with no problems at all.

As Ken Kifer http: May 12, at 9: The author of CyclecraftJohn Franklin, is a consultant and registered Expert Witness on cycling skills and safety and was a member of the reference group that set up the National Standard.

Steve rated it liked it Aug 04, By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. Australasian College of Road Safety.

I want to know where this cycling utopia is? Even East Germany had dissidents.

This post is disrespectful, intentionally so — JF gets far too much respect, if you ask me. I have some problems with his arguments. Changing your opinion as an older person is hard.


Fuck you, John Franklin | The Alternative Department for Transport

And even if you could, it is the attitude of drivers against cyclists that will still remain. At traffic lights and at a couple of other junctions, we dismounted and crossed as pedestrians.

With theory, hazard perception and practical tests, the UK has made driving a little harder to get into, but has it made for safer drivers? Cyclecrsft guess what I am getting at in most of this is that, yes I agree, go Dutch. Disrespect is also good. Saying that, the Dutch would laugh at most of our existing separate cycle infrastructure where it exists.

It could be argued that he has cyxlecraft cycling alive during a dark period when governments were determined to see it fail.

Everything you need to know about bicycling on the streets.

A review of the literature. December 26, at 4: To find out more, including how to control cookies, see here: Even so, experienced cyclists occasionally get killed Ken Kifer himself was killed by a drunk driverbut people get killed in airliners too, and air travel is the safest form of travel in existence. There were people in the Frwnklin campaigning for Cyclevraft provision, and his influence helped to prevent it from happening.

What makes you think our traffic police can out-do the Stasi? Richard Hicks rated it it was amazing Aug 01, I’d be surprised if anyone reading this doesn’t benefit from it – including car drivers who don’t own a bicycle. There may be occasions when it would simply be too hazardous to follow the path taken by other traffic. Bikeability is not only concerned with the present. Design Details 1 … on Visual Priority. Books by John Franklin. May 24, at 8: In court, her legal team said that this ffanklin her reputation because it was contrary to her entry on a register of interests in Moscow, and that the influence and extent frnaklin the Russian community in London was such that her reputation would have been damaged substantially.


Cyclecraft: The Complete Guide to Safe and Enjoyable Cycling for Adults and Children

Bob rated it really liked it Sep 18, The one where the lorries travel at mph. So many tired old failed arguments in one pithy comment. Holding 20mph is for racers. Is your aim to drive wedges into the cracks in the cycle lobby?

Ride in bike lane or side walk until the govt begins to mitigate the problems it has created by deadly road design. We need lower speed limits in residential areas and on country roads — as the Dutch have. The taxi driver intentionally passed too close, even though there was a whole extra lane he could have used.

In Britain, most of the time, there is no other option than using the roads.

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