Network Working Group H. Hakala Request for Comments: L. Mattila Category: Standards Track Ericsson J-P. Koskinen M. Stura J. Loughney Nokia. For more information, see the Diameter Credit-Control Application protocol specification detail: Opens a new window. RFC Diameter Credit-Control Application August 5. Click here to download RFC TXT format PDF format coming soon. DCCA and Gy.

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It is used between the credit-control server and the Diameter credit-control client to acknowledge a Credit- Control-Request command. Consequently, this needs to be considered when credit resources are granted to the services.

Abstract This document specifies a Diameter application that can be used to implement real-time credit-control for a variety of end user services such as network access, Session Initiation Protocol SIP services, messaging services, and download services. As ofthe only value supported is 1. It rcca used between the Diameter credit-control client and the credit-control server to request credit authorization for a given service.

These agents transparently support the Diameter credit-control application. The ” E ” Error bit — If set, the message contains a protocol error, and the message will not conform to the CCF described for this command.

When real-time credit-control is required, the credit-control client contacts the credit-control server with information about a possible service event. Also, Diameter Redirect agents that refer credit-control clients to credit-control servers and allow them to communicate directly can exist. The End-to-End Identifier is not modified by Diameter agents of any kind, and the same value in the corresponding request is used in the answer.

The server can use the used-units count for debiting the subscriber balance granting units does not indicate that they will be used.

Diameter Credit-Control Application

The credit-control server deducts the used amount from the end user’s account; it may perform dfc and make a new credit reservation if the service delivery is continuing. Service-Specific Rating Input and Interoperability The Diameter credit-control application defines the framework for credit-control; 44006 provides generic credit-control mechanisms supporting multiple service applications.

  210 SUNDECK 1998 PDF

Please refer to the current edition of the “Internet Official Protocol Standards” STD 1 for the standardization state and status of this protocol. The Command Codes are as follows: Diameter is used for many different interfaces defined by the 3GPP standards, with each interface typically rrfc new commands and attributes.

Upon receipt of a successful credit authorization answer with a certain 44006 of credit resources, the credit-control client allows service delivery to the xcca user and starts monitoring the usage of the granted resources. The Diameter protocol requires that relaying and proxying agents maintain transaction state, which is used for failover purposes.

Credit-Control Application Overview The credit authorization process takes place before and during service delivery to the end user and generally requires the user’s authentication and authorization before any request is sent to the credit-control server.

The client starts by requesting 10 units from 40066 server. AA request commands are defined in service specific authorization applications e. Pages using RFC magic links. Protocol transparent Diameter relays can exist between the credit- control client and credit-control server. A Business Support System is usually deployed; it includes at least the billing functionality.

Rating The act of determining the cost of the service event. When the credit resources granted to the user have been consumed or the service has been successfully delivered or terminated, the credit-control client reports back to the server the used amount. In this example the server grants the client all the units it requested. The Service Element may include the Diameter credit-control client, or another entity e. Rfd Diameter protocol defines a policy protocol used by clients to perform policy, AAA, and resource control.

This specification, together with the above service specific documents, governs the credit-control message.

Diameter Credit-Control Application – Wikipedia

For session based credit-control, both the credit control client and the credit-control server are required to maintain credit-control session state. When an end user requests services such as SIP or messaging, the request is typically forwarded to a service element e. AA request AA request generically refers to a service specific authorization and authentication request.


Introduction This document specifies a Diameter application that can be used to implement real-time credit-control for a variety of end user services such as network scca, Session Initiation Protocol SIP services, messaging services, and download services.

Diameter Relay and redirect agents must not reject messages with unrecognized AVPs. Retrieved from ccca https: From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. The packet consists of a Diameter header and a variable number of Attribute-Value Pairs, or AVPs, for encapsulating information relevant to the Diameter message.

If cleared, the message MUST be locally processed. The scope of this specification is the credit authorization. For AVPs of type Enumerated, the service may require a new value dccca be defined.

Retrieved rcc October The specification of another cooperative standardization body e. Loughney Nokia August Diameter Credit-Control Application Status of This Memo This document specifies an Internet standards track protocol for the Internet community, and requests discussion and suggestions for improvements. When an account is exhausted or expired, the user must be denied the ability to compile additional chargeable events. Additionally, application specific state machines can be introduced either later or at a higher abstraction layer.

Obsolete RFCs are indicated with strikethrough text. In this example the client sends the request when 7 units of the 10 previously granted units have been used; and ask for 10 more units, which the server grants.

Views Read Edit View history. The general principles for sending rating parameters are as follows:

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