“De Rougemont introduces the “Tristan Myth” in the first book of Love in the Western World, a work that focuses upon the intellectual and. The author defines this as “”a kind of outline history of the cult of passion”” — and he carries this out on several planes, metaphysical, mystical, legendary, with its.

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Desire for obstacles is for De Rougemont a subject-object relationship.

His analysis scarcely mentions historical heresies as the source to metaphysical desire, neither does his analysis afflict the Naturalistic ideas of love. Therefore, the human drama, in the case of De Rougemont, becomes a drama of ideas. Marriage is the antidote to the modern love of death. Love in the Western World Princeton paperbacks.

Read it in portuguese. At the heart of his ever-relevant inquiry is the inescapable conflict in the West between marriage and passion–the first associated with social and religious responsiblity and the second with anarchic, unappeasable love as celebrated by the troubadours of medieval Provence.

Years later, King Mark determines to marry Iseult and selects Tristan to quest after her on his behalf. Rougemont claims that carnal love has no aspect of deification.

Marie says Iseult will be on the lookout for such a sign, since Tristan has contacted her in a similar manner in the past. Aug 01, Gabriel rated it it was amazing. These early poets, according to de Rougemont, spoke the words of an Eros-centered theology, and it was through this “heresy” that a European vocabulary of mysticism flourished and that Western literature took on a new direction.


The reason this is so confusing for all of us is that a high dopamine experience like cocaine or the build-up to orgasm DOES feel like a transcendental experience. Of particular interest is the parallelism Rougemont draws between love and war, between the military and the sexual instinct.

Ih other than love. The next time the knight arrives, he is mortally wounded. It was supremely ambiguous rhetoric. By claiming that it is not a straightforward desire for the object, an uncomplicated rivalry for the object, Girard will also inevitably claim that the problem is mental.

It’s a must for people who ask too much. This morning I discovered what is going on. Reclaiming Romance for ve 21st Century. What they care about is their own selfish pleasure weshern satisfaction, their own excitement, their own longing for more suffering that energizes them. The proof of this lies in the vocabulary applied. Read, highlight, and take notes, across web, tablet, and phone.

Lists with This Book. Our language of passion comes down to us from the rhetoric of the troubadours.

Just a moment while we sign you in to your Goodreads account. And the same applies to Tristan.

Love in the Western World

This development of a gradual intensification of desire is the process which Girard calls the internalisation of metaphysical desire. Love in the Western World is definitely an ambitious work that attempts to unearth the secrets of Eros-passion and Agape-love through historical, cultural, westen and philosophical dimensions.

Open Preview See a Problem? About Royal Rosamond Press I am an artist, a writer, and a theologian. Firstly, his theory is not based on a biological axiom.


Denis De Rougemont, Love in the Western World – PhilPapers

Plus, I need to make it to the end of Anna Karenina in the next four weeks, and that takes precedence in my reading time. Typical French approach, finedrawn, flexible, a blend of intellect and interpretation.

Thirdly there is a critique of Freud’s biological explanation that desire stems basically from the sexual. This book offers one of the richest histories of conventional understandings and formulations of love throughout and across the Western tradition.

Oggi forse datato,ma all’epoca fu molto innovativo. However, in all my attempts to be in relationship with Virginia, I had to win her heart once more, gain her trust, all over again — on a daily basis!

The book was recommended to me by Louise Cowan, and so I purchased it several months ago, only to place it on my bookshelf until now.

She nearly kills Tristan, but spares him when she learns King Mark desires to make her queen. Instead of localising this cul de sac of desire in heretic religion, Girard localises it more generally as deviated transcendency. Love in the Western World is an impressive and singular scholarly work penned by the Swiss writer and cultural theorist Denis de Rougemont.

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