Title: Dua e nudba urdu translation, Author: SYED MUHAMMAD JAWED, Name: Dua e nudba urdu translation, Length: 48 pages, Page: 1. Stream Dua e Nudba – Complete with urdu translation by Akbar Ali from desktop or your mobile device. Dua-e-Nudba with urdu translation دعاء ندبہ اردو ترجمہ کے ساتھ. Author: Unknown – نامعلوم. Translator: Language: Urdu – اردو. Category: Duas/Ziaraat – دعائیں /.

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Where is the one demolishing the edifices of polytheism and hypocrisy? Translatiob is the one terminating the insolent defiant and persistent rebels? O son of conclusive arguments!

The heartbroken, in tears, make their hearts bleed, together with them, the deeply moved perceptive men of letters describe their wisdom and liberality, as they themselves used to do, eyes of sensitive and thoughtful people are full of overflowing tears, their voices choked up with emotion; they cry out to protest against the injustice done, they call up dumb and insensate souls to stir and take notice.

O Son of the brilliant fulfillers! Very Kindly, make his headquarters our place of domicile and dwelling abode, and fulfill Thy promise by returning him to us as our Leader Guide, so that he takes us to the eternal land of peace and bliss, where we shall rub elbows with Thy sincere servants who shed blood to pronounce the Faith.

Make us feel more deeply for him. Where are the “know all the answers” scholars who communicated and made clear the religion of Allah?

Browse dua e nudba, and make your DUA with faith in front of Allah to solve problem, see English transliteration, Urdu translation and Arabic text of e. Blessings be also upon his grand veracious grandmother. For each Thou prescribed a Divine law, and set up a traced out path, each was appointed a guardian-executor, and each fulfilled the duty after being kept safe and protected, in the term of establishing Thy religion, a witness and argument over Thy servants mankindLest the truth staggered from its firm stand and foundation, and the falsehood conquered the hearts of the people, and might not say a single man: O son of apparent points of evidence!


Dua e Nudba

Where is he who shall trim the outgrowth of despair, longing and hardships? O Allah, please send blessings upon Your argument.

All praise is for Thee for that which Thou decided upon and resolved in the matter of Thy friends, whom Thou purified for Thyself and Thy religion. Where is the “Divine aspect” the God-fearing may look up to?

Browse dua e nudba, and make your DUA with faith in front of Allah to solve problem, see English transliteration, Urdu translation and Arabic tex Lam yumtasal amro rasoolillaahe sallallaaho a’layhe wa aalehee fil haadeena ba’-dal haadeena wal ummato mosirratun a’laa maqtehi mujtame-a’tun a’laa qatee-a’te rahemehi translationn iqsaa-e wuldehee illal qaleela trannslation wafaa le-re-a’a-yatil haqqe feehim fa-qotela man qotela wa sobeya man sobeya wa uqseya man uqseya wa jaral qazaaa-o lahum bemaa yurjaa lahu husnul masoobate iz kaanatil arzo lillaahe yooresohaa man yashaaa-o min e’baadehi wal a’aqebato lil-muttaqeena wa subhaana rabbenaa in kaana wa’do rabbenaa la mafoolan wa layn yukhlefallaaho wa’-dahu wa howal a’zeezul hakeemo fa-a’lal ataa-ebe min ahle bayte mohammadin wa a’liyyin sallallaaho a’layhemaa wa aalehemaa fal-yabkil baakoona wa iyyaahum fal-yandobin naadeboona wa le-mislehim fal-tuz-rafid domoo-o’ wal yasrokhis saarekhoona wa yazijjaz zaaajjoona wa ya-i’jjal a’aajjoona.

I eagerly long for you who is just and equitable beyond a trace of doubt, does not take severe action until misbehavior trespasses the limit.

Where is the link that connects the cosmic complex? He is the Almighty, the All-wise. Therefore, they clang inseparably to opposing him. As You knew that they would fulfill this stipulation.

Dua E Nudba Arabic Text With Supplications, Transliteration And Translation

O inheritor of the extraordinary events! Ayna taameso aasaariz zayghe wal ahwaaa-e ayna qaate-o’ habaaa elil kizbe wal ifteraaa-e ayna mobeedul o’taate wal maradate ayna mustaa-selu ahlil e’naade wat tazleele wal ilhaade ayna mo-i’zzul awleyaaa-e wa mozillul aa’-daa-e ayna jaame-u’l kalemate a’lat taqwaa ayna baabullaahil lazee minho yoataa ayna wajhullaahil lazee elayhe yatawajjahul awleyaaa-o aynas sababul mutasselo baynal arze was samaaa-e ayna saahebo yawmil fathe wa naashero raayatil hodaa ayna mo-allefo shamlis salaahe war rezaa aynat taalebo be-zohoolil ambeyaaa-e wa abnaaa-il ambeyaaa-e aynat taalebo be-damil maqtoole be-karbalaa-a aynal mansooro nudbq manea’-tadaa a’layhe waf-taraa aynal muztarrul lazee yojaabo ezaa da-a’a ayna sadrul khalaaa-eqe zul birre wat taqwaa aynabnun nabiyyenil mustafaa wabno a’liyyenil murta-zaa wabno khadeejatal gharraaa-e wabno faatematal kubraa be-abee nudbx wa ummee wa nafsee lakal urud wal hemaa.


He closed all the doors to the Mosque except his i. The fundamentals of knowledge and wisdom! Or in well guarded concealment?

Convey to him our heartfelt congratulations and welcome. May my soul be ransom for you; for although you are hidden from us, you have never forsaken us. Where is the impenetrable defense who broke the back of the oppressive tyrants?

Where is the course to Allah after a course? Thou alone puts into good order affairs of this world and shall make better the Hereafter. Where is the means of access that is connectedly extended between the earth and the heavens.

O son of the chiefs drawn near! O inheritor of the distinctly visible demonstration!

dua-e-nudba urdu tarjumy k seth – video dailymotion

May my father and mother be ransoms for you. Is there any aggrieved one whom I can help in grief when he becomes tired? Tags Separate tags by comma, will be used for searching. Forgot password Forgot Username. O the Mightiest Almighty.

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