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DISTRIBUTION RESTRICTION: Approved for public release; distribution is unlimited. *This publication supersedes TM , 3 August FM PREFACE. This manual is intended for use by engineer commanders, staff officers, combat engi- neers, and bridge specialists who. M-2 Bailey Bridge (FM ) [Department of the Army] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers.

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Usually, panel-bridge railway bridges are assembled as single-track bridges. The caution class number is found by test and is normally 25 percent greater than the normal class. If other spacings of the trusses are used, expedient braces must be welded to the end verticals of the panels in place of bracing frames. The male and female end posts are the same as those used in the M2 bridge except that in STRINGERS tripe-truss bridges 5-27 male end posts for the The plain and button stringers are the same middle truss of both class 30 and class 80 as those used in the M2 bridge, except that bridges above the transom bracket removed.

For and foot 9.

The new Windows Significance is a gross analysis of structure, group, and vector bits: For heavier bridges, use vehicles with winches to aid in launching.

Remove jacks from end of bridge. A bearing is a for the bearings at vm corner of a single- welded steel assembly containing a round double- or triple-truss bridge. For this reason, we adopted the design for the British prefabricated Bailey bridge, US nomenclature Ml. If removal of plain rollers does not provide the required clearance, excavate until the overhang is free of the ground. Placement of launching nose links.

Thereafter, do not dismantle 3 Lower bridge in stages Figurepage Figures and The bridge is assembled triple-triple, and add enough triple-triple and launched as follows: They are identical except that the latter has 12 buttons which Figure Bracing bolt hold the ends of the chess roadway in place.


These holes can be used to properly rollers 5-2277 25 feet 7.

B A I L E Y B R…

For the length 5-2777 as sembly of n ose required for various spans, see l Table 7X3. Accord- noses consist of three single-single double bridges are double-truss assembly.

For maximum spans and classes of standard design twolane deck-type bridges, see Table page In launching the bridge over rollers, keep the center of gravity behind the rocking rollers until the launching nose reaches the far bank.

Anyway the crossing over the Derwent was joined again by a Bailey bridge which was meant to be temporary The reels 5–277 pounds The Bailey bridge transom is manufactured with a small hole in its center web and two dowel holes toward each end.

When middle girder is quadruple-truss assembly, do not use tie plates between center trusses; use full 5–277 of bracing frames and rakers Figures to One crew crosses to far bank and begins dismantling the 4 It installs far-bank end posts. Fn, transoms must be threaded from within two bridge truss girders. Cut the modified transoms to the desired length and hole them to seat the pintles on the panels. An example of computing bridge length with both abutments prepared Figure is as follows: Place bracing frames on front and rear panel verticals in second and third stories and on top chord of third story.

Risk loads will probably cause permanent deformation of bridge parts and may result in failure if repeated. Table gives restrictions for the types of crossing.

To prevent failure of jacks,a detail guides it 5-27 the rollers chess behind the front vertical in the first use them in unison so 5-727 load is distri- Figurepage 88 and dismantles it bay so decking drops into place.

Attach outer tackle to girder, remove rakers, and then lower girder until top chord is below bottom chord of the bridge. In order to install a post fixture but to allow for adjustment later. Normal pins and methods mf pinning are used on the inner- truss end posts. Two sway braces are required in the lower chord of each bay of the bridge, except the first bay of the launching nose, and in each bay of overhead bracing. Table A-7, p 5.


The maximum allowable load on one roller is 10 tons 9. Bracing bolts for fastening horizontal bracing frames must be inserted in supple- mentary chords before the chords are bolted to the truss.

When the triple-double bridge has been jacked down onto the bearings, insert jacks under the bridge at the pier, and jack up the bridge to about horizontal. Given a foot Thanks for any and all help.

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Use blocks and tackle to position the inner truss panels. The second-story panels, however, entirely launched.

They stringers by four J-type ribband bolts. The launching nose may fail if the near-bank plain rollers are per- mitted to carry any load after the nose reaches the far-bank rocking rollers.

Sway pinned end to end. See Chapter 4 for ramp construction and Chapter 9 for traffic control. Seasonal velocities of eight major marine-terminating outlet glaciers of the Gm ice sheet from continuous in situ GPS instruments Research output: END POSTS The male and female end posts are the same as those used in the M2 bridge except that in tripe-truss bridges the male end posts for the middle truss of both class 30 and class 80 bridges above the transom bracket removed.

Its as shown in Fj according to span the required bridge length for all but the heavy launching weight could dm failure length, and launch to far-bank rollers foot 64 meters span. The field design procedure determined. These lugs are secured to the end panels of the bridge by panel pins placed through holes in the lugs.

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