Learn the methods and programming that JP uses for trainees who have graduated beyond the Greyskull LP material. This book covers all of the information. I have seen good things about Greyskull LP and someone else recommended the Beginner Powerbuilding Routine. I figure I can’t go wrong. This is the book that has been three years in the making. Learn the methods and programming that JP uses for trainees who have graduated beyond the.

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Get fast, free shipping with Amazon Prime. The first two working sets, we will arbitrarily stop at 5. I actually came across huilding “Lets DoReps” threads and wanted to join in.

I find three minutes gives an ideal range for both strength and hypertrophy purposes. No matter how grueling a bench or press session is, it will not come close to taxing the CNS or causing bujlding like the deadlift or squat do.

Most get their workout done in under 90 minutes easily, and like the simplicity of it.

Beginner Powerbuilding Routine – Forums

The Greyskull LP principles greydkull be applied easily in designing a training program for any part of the population. The Greyskull LP is not just a novice program.

Doug Young pump you up video for your viewing pleasure. Amazon Inspire Digital Educational Resources. My advice is start lower than you think you should. I’m gonna try this in the off-season because I’m currently in a season.


Effective training is different from overtraining simply because at some point there is diminishing returns. Since so many greyakull overwhelmed with the Greyskull Book I figured I would right a primer covering the basics of how and why to use the Greyskull LP and who would benefit. I personally think the overhead press is a bit more elbow friendly reportedly Young did have some issues with his elbows which was probably from the heavy triceps pressesis an under-utilized but bullding exercise, and helps balance things out overall.


So you can do this if you wish, but if you get busted up, not my fault. You do this by implementing all the sections of the book including the high intensity conditioning. It goes both ways though. Now let’s discuss rep scheme. The deadlift especially will punish you if you push for buildimg reps than you should. Share your thoughts with other customers.

Amazon Rapids Fun stories for kids on the go. I honestly believe in cutting the squats down to only 2. Keep your shoulders down, palms facing towards you, builidng get your chin well over the bar. I’ll try to address a few questions people might have, if anyone has any more worth mentioning I will add them to here as they come in. Last edited by grouchyjarhead; at Johnny has a choice, perform another traditional reset or he can remove bench from the program for now and replace it with bbuilding of its variants.

Learn the methods and programming that JP uses for trainees who have graduated beyond the Greyskull LP material.

GreySkull LP Isn’t Good, It’s Great

You’ve given me great adivice through the time ive been on these forums, and this is another great write up from you. It was for the press, for the bench, for the squat and for the deadlift. If trainee gets 10 reps, double increase As you can see from the above this will have use Progressing 7. Once I finish my last warm-up set is when I take the full rest time. Bottom line is you should choose plug ins based on your goals. But rest periods should depend on the goal, if fat loss is the goal, shorten them up some, if strength is the main goal, lengthen them; if a mix of strength and muscle gain is the goal, keep them as is.

You’ll notice the plusses at the end of some of the sets. You guys don’t know how lucky you are. Keep in mind that, actually, this program is primarily intended for those of you out there who want to get stronger, but also want to develop a good deal of muscle mass without getting fat.


This is not a blessing to go bastardize the GSLP but if you are an older lifter older as in lots of time in the gym, not age ; then sure feel free to blast away in higher rep ranges. Users browsing this forum: Part 5 -Progression- See page 35 in the book for more info It is important not to freyskull to make greater increases in weight than one can recover from and still return the next session. Good wrote up, Opie. I also added in some heavy compound pulls to even things out with all the pressing.

This simple, yet often overlooked approach fixed the constant demotivation of resetting on the traditional LP programs. Some will scream that for a novice lifter these small increases are a waste of time and that is very far from the truth.

Originally Posted by rollalong. So lbs would be our starting weight. If you want bigger buildimg, well put in weighted chins, weighted dips, curls, close grip or reverse bench etc.

Now Johnny works his way back up to lbs after a few sessions of setting rep records along the way and he does x5x5x7. This is more grehskull advanced technique and should be used after stalling on other methods. He also boasted legitimate 20 inch arms and reportedly at his heaviest pounds he had a 60 inch chest.

Don’t mindlessly crank out reps, one strict chin-up is better than greysoull shoddy ones. Listen to his advice, he’s gonna end up writing about and teaching this stuff one day.

And because of the density of his training causing crazy amounts of hypertrophy along the way. Refresh and try again.

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