On page two of Hiromi Kawakami’s The Briefcase, when narrator Tsukiko is explaining how her story begins and how she became. This week at Necessary Fiction I reviewed Hiromi Kawakami’s The Briefcase, which was published last spring by Counterpoint Press. I had a lot. Hiromi Kawakami’s The Briefcase (translated by Allison Markin Powell) is a brief but powerful novel about the development of a rather unusual.

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However, as time went on I just felt that I didn’t really know these characters all that well, and their relationship became more and more unrealistic. Published April 10th by Counterpoint first published I loved the idea of this book, an initially I was very caught up in it. I had a lot of fun reading and writing about this book, not only because it fits so well into my current Japanese literature reading project, but also because it brought me to think about the way that different cultures handle narrative perspective.

For a full review visit my blog at www. The story is slight and the book is short. I was reminded of a UK TV series called may to December that was shown in the uk when I kaaakami growing up it involved a couple briefcaee similar age gap to the couple in the briefcase and actually similar characters to this book. Fill in your details below or click an icon to log in: This is why her feelings for Sensei persevere through hard times.

Enter your email address to subscribe to this blog and receive notifications of new posts by email. The action was the same on the surface we seem different cultures but as may to December showed it was all about the being together more than the sex and the way the relationship develop was so well done by Kawaksmi like a time elapse picture capture the relationship stage by stage. The heroine is about 15 years older than the flying manic pixie dreamgirl on the cover, she gets drunk a lot, works stupidly long hours, has arguments about sports and forgets to clean a pair of muddy shoes for weeks.


The writing is clean — pristine, even — with every word, every event, and every psychological nuance presented clearly.

Initially, Sensei distances himself from Tsukiko intentionally but eventually resorts to inherent desire for love and affection. Prica o mladoj i usamljenoj devojci i njenom starom i jos usamljenijem profesoru iz skole. Un uomo e una donna si conoscono in un bar. Contrasts There are many contrasting feature of the novel.

The ticking of my watch by the pillow rang in my ears. Dopo un lungo sequel di alcolici mischiati ad arte, lui invita lei a casa sua. On Friendship and Love My head hurt a little. Kirja on surumielisen hieno ja rakkauden kehityskaaresta on aina ihana lukea.


With Sensei, his benevolent nature seemed to originate from his sense of fair-mindedness. Her trivial involvement with a prospective like-minded lover Kojima ends due to his excessive advances to win her heart blatantly. However, if I’d had to pay a normal Kindle price, I would have been a little bit miffed. But the watch was always in the same place.

Despite the brieffase than thirty-year difference in our ages, I felt much more familiar with him than with friends my own age. This kawakamii reads like Japanese art.

The Briefcase

Kawakami, however, while not shying away from the darker aspects of loneliness and what it inflicts on a person, refrains from making her characters marginal. In this sense, The Briefcase is a part of a larger genre of fiction.

I had been very much the adult when I was in elementary school. It was whimsical to read, and I liked Tsukiko and Sensei’s unusual, somewhat stilted conversations.

Tony’s Reading List: ‘The Briefcase’ by Hiromi Kawakami (Review)

She lives an empty life, bereft of meaningful relationships and has even deliberately distanced herself from her family who happens to live in the same neighbourhood as her. I could not get warm. The writing in this novel was pretty, briercase the plot didn’t really hold up for me. Lei brilla e compiaciuta del suo fascino, accetta. Little by little however, small sparks of interests started to infiltrate my reading experience. Out of the characters in the limited number of Japanese novels I’ve read, Tsukiko is furthest from the traditional idea of a Japanese woman, though she doesn’t seem to have set out to kawakani it; she isn’t intellectual, she simply sees herself as hkromi Book Mi sembra una forma di cortesia minima, che non mi sento di negare ai miei adorati muscoli di ricotta secca.


Just when I thought it was so close, it would recede. Heck, the guy was annoying as hell with his constant moralizing.

Preciso un comentario hirommi corto como esta novela. E mi sbagliavo anche io a rincorrere questo libro per mesi, perennemente in prestito in biblioteca e sempre esaurito in libreria.

It was published in its native Japan as a serial so its chapters are short and tend to leave you wanting to read the next chapter. Travellin Penguin – Pam Feb 01, Thankfully so, because Kawakami is certainly not concerned with easy romance or standard complications—the story she tells has more abrupt curves and sharp angles than straight happy lines, it is more focused on the awkward movements toward understanding, the unexpected connections and careful revelations.

This story is about them getting to know each other, and slowly falling in love. I’m happy to say my initial thought that it reminded me of Hotel Iris mixed with Murakami was pretty spot on!

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