8 E. Bakonis, Ar „taikūs“ lietuviški istorijos vadovėliai? Taikos klausimai . Vadovėlis 9 klasei, Vilnius: Kronta, ; (The history of modern times. From the great. ISTORIJA. 1 9 9 9. X L. Tautos budimas ir blaivybės sąjūdis tiems valstiečiams: kyklai, A. Jakučionis rašė, kad istorijos vadovėlis pra- keturias klases. lietuvos istorija pagrindinei mokyklai su regioninės istorijos elementais . 9. Soros. Trinamosios girnos. Akmeniniai kapliai ir seniausieji arklai. Moliniai indai .

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How to Analyse Sources? However, some of them appeared to be very similar; therefore, only 20 textbooks were selected for further analysis. Junior secondary school includes grades seven through ten where the emphasis is on Lithuanian and world history from ancient times to the present. With such topics, students are introduced to the daily lives of the upper and lower classes, food, clothing, shelter, leisure time, child rearing and education.

In two new history textbooks were published: These innovations and techniques are briefly presented and discussed below. The results of this study cannot be discussed in a wider context due to the lack of similar studies. There are several publications dedicated to this topic.

Textbook for the Sixth Grade included a chapter entitled Stories about History which contains twelve different lessons. The topic about the origins of iron in Lithuania has a list of place names and points on a map where the word iron itself is mentioned, including related words such as iron, blacksmith, iron ore and smelt.

Recently, they have attempted to include new methods with the aim of creating appealing history textbooks for students and teachers. Eighth grade students studying the Middle Ages are presented the following information: Additionally, the researcher focused on those innovations, which were most prominent and identifiable.


Briedis also offers a variety of assignments and projects for lower grades. In attempts were made to publish history textbooks in Lithuania; however, owing to Russification and Sovietisation, these textbooks istorijs saturated with communist and Russian interpretations.

The author would include a few questions and assignments at the end of the chapter. First or all, one of the most important innovations is the inclusion of a variety of historical sources as supplementary material. Peer memoirs are often more interesting and appealing to students than those from an older generation.

From Seventh to Twelfth Grades appeared Finally, one of the biggest innovations is the digital history textbook. This victory ended the threat of Islam to Europe.

Textbooks and study exercises – price comparison |

This trend existed until when the focus shifted away from economics and politics to the history of the daily lives of ordinary people. Consequently, different publishers and author groups competed to create new textbooks which would stand out from the old ones. They identify the contributions of the famous and well known personalities from their area. The three CDs on the history of Lithuania contain a total of 89 topics The third stage of the concentric pattern includes grades eleven and twelve, which concentrate on the review of history from ancient times to the present days.

Since a large number of illustrations with accompanying texts and assignments have been integrated into textbooks. The textbook Lithuania in the World: There are some studies which analysed textbooks from the perspective of didactics; however, the units of analysis are different; therefore, the researcher cannot compare his results with a wider context. The second source is the painting by a 19th century artist depicting the Siege of Vienna at the Battle of Kahlenberg in He described how the pasha, the high-ranking officials of the Ottoman Empire, ruled Egypt from a unique Lithuanian point of view.


More attention to the history of daily life During the Soviet rule textbooks were dominated by political and economic history.

Fifteen years ago discussions started about the necessity of including questions at the beginning of every vaddovelis, which would show students what they should focus on. In that way, the history of Turkey becomes more interesting and relevant to students.

How to Analyse Written Sources? It is done either through the facts about Lithuanians participating in the events of other countries or by using their ideas and perceptions on foreign affairs. Authors were also advised to reduce redundancies in textbooks5.

Therefore, history textbooks would reflect the ideology of invaders and occupiers. Therefore, when describing the history of Europe and other continents, some history textbooks relate it with the situation in Lithuania or Lithuanian people and the nation. As a result, studies focusing on these innovations do not vadovelia thus, the results of this study cannot be compared with other studies.

Textbooks and study exercises

First of all, a large number of assignments and istorjios were unclear, and of no benefit for educational purposes. There are three concentric patterns.

Soldiers from the Grand Duchy of Lithuania played a significant role in the wars against the Turks. The Case of Innovations. The material is often presented on one page entitled Methods. In order to achieve this objective, secondary objectives were devised.

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