Download Citation on ResearchGate | Jahangir and the Jesuits: With an account of the Benedict goes and the mission to Pegu | First published in Jahangir and the Jesuits: with an account of the travels of Benedict Goes and the mission to Pegu / from the Relations of Father Fernão Guerreiro ; translated by. Jahangir and the Jesuits, with an account of the travels of Benedict Goes and the mission to Pegu, from the Relations of Father Fernāo Guerreiro, S. J.

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After Chriftmas, the King announced his intention of going to Agra, which is the second royal seat of his empire, and he informed the Fathers that it was his desire that one of them should remain in Lahor, and that the other two should accompany him on his journey, and he gave orders that they were to be supplied with a horse and four camels to carry their effefts.

This opportunity they found soon after the King had settled down at Agra, and it extended over more than a month, during which many notable disputes took place.

But they were proud and intolerant; and their general attitude towards Oriental peoples and Oriental beliefs and customs was one of arrogant contempt.

His tattered cabala, and the marks of the Stripes on his flesh, gave him comeliness in the sight of God, and in the eyes of the Fathers, who envied him not a little his triumph.

Unfortunately no copy of anc earlier narrative exists; but Guerreiro, by preserving the subftance of it in this chapter, has to a large extent compensated us for the loss. Thus, five or six ftrangers who had come from Chriftian countries, and had been seized and held as captives by the Moors, were suc- coured by the Fathers, who obtained their liberation and sent them back to their homes.

The discovery and publication of Ricci’s own work naturally displaces Trigault’s Latin version, which, though in the main reliable, is very far from being a literal translation.

Jahangir And The Jesuits

Route of Goes from Peshawar to Tarkand. Complete Works of Strabo Delphi Classics. The Gentile, perceiving that it pleased His Majefty to ridicule Mafamede, replied, u Yes, Sire 1 He is a false prophet,” at which the King laughed exceedingly. Do Couto continued the history down to the end of the sixteenth century, his laft volume being Decada Historical Jahangkr of Nepal.

Many received help in their temporal as well as their spiritual necessities. But after the accession of Jahangir, the Mission began gradually to assume the character and funftions of an embassy, and, pan passu, the cause of evangelisation loft ground.

It is the fear of similar ill-usages that deters many from embracing our faith. He similarly pardoned and restored to favour the great Agiscoa [Aziz Jssuits Koka], the foSter-brother of King Achebar, and a member of a very distin- guished family. The Streets were crowded with Gentiles who gazed in astonishment on this new spectacle.


Catalog Record: Jahangir and the Jesuits, with an account of | Hathi Trust Digital Library

To avoid a mixed crowd, it was arranged that men should enter at one time and women at another. Some years previously he had been cap- tured by the Turcs in the Mediterranean Sea, not far from Marseilles, and had been taken to Argel [Algiers], where he was forced to become a Moor.

But of more importance were the discussions which here took place before the King, and of these an account will be given in the following chapters. AmongSl those who followed were twelve disciplinants, who scourged themselves until the blood ran down their bodies, a speftacle which greatly aSlonished the Moors, who had never seen the like before.

One of the Fathers, who had in his posses- sion a relic of the blessed widow Margarilla de Chaves, placed this in a little water which he gave to the child to drink, at the same time commending him to the Saint. At one spot where the prieSt Slopped, a little child, neatly clad, approached and kneeling down worshipped the holy Sacrament, declaring in a voice that all could hear his faith in the real presence of ChriSt the Saviour and Redeemer of the world; then Standing up he recited a Story about the Sacrament which took the place of a sermon, and gave great joy to the Christians.

But there were soon signs that the breaking of the peace and the ftoppage of trade were very unwelcome to the Moors. The speftacle of the poor Prince, chained hand and foot, being led into his father’s presence, moved all who witnessed it to compassion.

Full text of “Jahangir And The Jesuits”

How can I dispute with him? Not long afterwards, the ambassador himself fell sick, and the Father was able, by God’s help, to cure him also. On being told that it was, jayangir was greatly pleased, and said: But the King, as if nothing unusual had taken place, resumed his former friendly attitude towards the Armenian and his children and the other Chriftians, and even dispatched some business on behalf of the Fathers with every sign of good will.

After the defeat of the Prince, the King, having taken up his quarters at Lahor, enquired for the children, and when in course of time they arrived at the palace, he received them very kindly. Finding themselves reduced to such Straits, these poor people endeavoured to make their way to the King of Mogor jahhangir but on the road they were attacked by a band of horsemen, for there are many robbers in this country, who plundered them and slew the greater part of them, including their Captain.

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The Father replied as on the previous even- ing; whereon the King, who seemed to delight in hearing evil spoken of their prophet, beckoned to his Reader, who had kept himself at a distance, saying, 44 Come here, Nagibuscao ” for such was his name. This Captain, whom he took about with him heavily manacled, and riding on a meanly harnessed mule or ass, he caused to be blinded on the same spot, and in the same manner as the Prince. But in a little while he came out, and ordered him to approach.


On account of certain grievances and suspicions, the Prince, on the night of Saturday, the 1 5th of April, 7 left the fortress with a number of his friends and adherents, without letting it be known whither he was going. When he saw that they preferred to go to the Fathers, and that they showed great constancy to their faith, answering well the questions he put to them, he ordered them to be handed over to the Fathers, who decided that, on His Majesty’s return from his journey [to Cabul], they would present them to him for his service, so that they might earn their livelihoods, and at the same time serve the Church.

For the late King had during his lifetime given to them some houses which had belonged to a certain Gentile, in which they had established their church and taken up their abode. They were pursued by the King’s troops, and many of them were slain.

During one of these periods of prohibition, he and his two sons, disguised as poor men, went by night into the city, where they saw in a certain quarter that meat was being sold. After this he took every opportunity of showing his gratitude. The places occupied were in nearly all cases seaports, which served the double purpose of trading centres and naval bases; for she had, from the firft, no desire to burden herself with extensive territorial possessions.

This powerful lord had an income of fifty thousand pardaos, besides a hundred and fifty thousand which he received from the King. As it was Shrove-tide, this gift was very welcome to them and those with them.

Both the uesuits and the Father wrote reports to the King, urging the necessity of peace with the Portuguese, and the removal of all obstacles to its continuance. The Father exhorted him to make a general confession, telling him thd this should be done, at the same time giving him a book in which he might Study the Christian doctrines.

Here in our own mountains there are, as you know, certain Darures yhe class of devotees who profess to serve God who, after drinking two cups of Range? Maclagan for the help he has given me in the preparation of this volume, which owes much to his expert knowledge of the Mogul period and of the Jesuit writings. His MajeSty at once replied that the Fathers were to continue to receive the whole amount, which was fifty rupees a month.

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