By Professor Jill Cook. Rest completely The old adage of use it or lose it applies to tendons, Tendinopathy – January 6, The latest Tweets from Jill Cook (@ProfJillCook). Physiotherapist, tendon Managing patient with intractable CEO tendinopathy (bilat.) key first step (with. What causes tendon breakdown? What are the stages of tendinopathy, and how do they effect your treatment? Is treatment just about eccentric training?.

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Have injection therapies Injections of substances into a tendon have not been shown to be effective in good clinical trials. Sometimes tendons will feel better immediately after a massage but can then be worse when you load them. Although this can be a substantial period up to 3 months or occasionally even morethe long term outcomes are good if you do the correct rehabilitation. Like us in Facebook! Reduce the aspects of training that are overloading your tendon point Niek Vink Manager of the Dutch Teendinopathy centre of coo, ultrasound.

Is treatment just about eccentric training? My Achilles Tendonosis therapy has been going nowhere after 9 months.

Be worried about rupture Pain is protective of your tendon, it makes you unload it, in fact most people who rupture a tendon have never had pain before, despite the tendon having substantial pathology in tenidnopathy see point 7. Conversely you cannot ignore the pain point 4you have to reduce loads to the level that the tendon can tolerate and then slowly increase the tolerance of the tendon to load.

In fact many of them are based on the false premise that tendons heal like other tissues and that there is a capacity to return a pathological tendon to normal. Give the Physio Edge podcast a review in iTunes.

Post navigation Next Post. Be worried about the images of your tendon The pictures of your tendon with ultrasound and MRI can frighten you, and the words used by doctors such as degeneration and tears can make you wonder if your tendon should be loaded. Tendinopathy — the importance of staging and role of compression RunningPhysio. As mentioned in point 5, massage of the attached muscle can be helpful. Any loads that do not use these movements are low load for a tendon, so exercise using weights and exercise that is slow will not place a high load on the tendon, although they can certainly have a beneficial effect on the muscles.


It also affects the muscle attached to the tendon and the rest of the leg, leaving the person with less ability to load the tendon. Summary The take home message is that exercise-based rehabilitation is the best treatment for tendon pain. Subscribe to the podcast in iTunes.

Skip to content Tendinopathy – January 6, Ignore your pain Manage the load on your tendon, pain is a way of telling you that the load is too much. Home about podcast clinical edge resources.

PE # Tendons and tendinopathy with Jill Cook – physioedge

Thanks for the feedback Alex, glad you enjoyed it and found it useful. What causes tendon breakdown? Stretching while you are standing can be especially provocative to your tendon. We also chatted about some other aspects coko tendinopathy, including Factors that contribute to tendinopathy beyond biomechanics Eccentrics — what is the future of training to rebuild tendons Return to sport or running after tendinopathy Avoiding tendinopathy Treatment at each stage of tendinopathy Rehabing achilles tendinopathy Rehab for hamstring tendinopathy plus we related all of these to clinical scenarios.

PE #005: Tendons and tendinopathy with Jill Cook

We also chatted about some other aspects of tendinopathy, including. This is part of the great discussion I had with Jill Cook about tendons and tendinopathy. Treatments like electrotherapy and ice will only temporarily ameliorate pain only for it to return when the tendon is loaded. The old adage of use it or lose it applies to tendons, resting just decreases the ability of the tendon to take load.

Become a Clinical Edge member. There is good evidence that the pathological tendon can tolerate loads, especially when you gradually increase the loads on them. By Professor Jill Cook. An interview with Nichole Hamilton. Things that are promised as cures see point 3 often give short term improvement but the pain recurs when the loads are resumed on the tendon.


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Tendons and tendinopathy with Jill Cook by David Pope. I’ll now try both eccentric AND strengthening as well.

Play in new window Download. Massage your tendon A tendon that is painful is one that is telling you that it is overloaded and irritated, therefore adding further insult by massaging it can actually increase your pain.

An interview with Nichole Hamilton Next post: Not have an understanding of what loads are high for your ttendinopathy The highest load on your tendon is when you use it like a spring, such as jumping, changing direction and sprinting. Achilles tendinopathy Performance Sports Therapy.

Make sure you see a qualified health professional with expertise in this area to guide your rehabilitation. If your muscles are tight use massage to loosen them. Hip Injuries and Labral tears. Rest completely The old adage of use it or lose it applies to copk, resting just decreases the ability of the tendon to take load.

The take home message is that exercise-based rehabilitation is the best treatment for tendon pain.

What are the stages of tendinopathy, and how do they effect jilk treatment? A progressive program that starts with a strength program and then progresses through to more spring like exercises and including endurance aspects will give the right loads on the tendon and the best long term results.

Do not have injection in a tendon unless the tendon has not responded to a good exercise based program. Take short cuts with rehabilitation Taking short cuts with rehabilitation do not work, you need to take the time that the tendon needs to build its strength and capacity.

Have passive tedninopathy Treatments that do not address the need to increase the ability of the tendon tendinoptahy take load are not usually helpful in the long term, although they might give short term pain relief.

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