World War-I, II, Tsunami of , San Francisco Earthquake of , Super Typhoon Nina of China, Famine of in Bangladesh, British rule on India. Sri Pothuluri Veerabrahmendra Swami is a great saint of India. He has the knowledge of past, present and future. He is often called as the Nostradamus of India. kalagnanam book in English. Veerabrahmendra-the-Precursor-of-Kalki. Posted by Srimadviraat.

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Indira Gandhi in free India.

In order to get kalananam son they used to pray to the Lord with full devotion. He said he would come as ‘Sri Veerabhoga Vasantaraya’ and would be popu- larly known as – Kalki, the tenth incarnation of Lord Mahavishnu. Sankhya Yogam Discourse to Siddhaiyya Wild animals would un and roam in village areas On the way he visited many sacred places like Hampi, Virupaksham, Ahobilam, Ma- hanandi, Omkaram etc.

Gods, Brahmins and Gurus would be ill treated and disrespected by people You are a highly pious woman, that’s why you deserved and could see my universal form which remains difficult to be seen kalgnanam even great deities.

Only such people make their life as the last birth, get liberated after death and attain ultimate bliss after union of soul with the god”.

His feet were the nether-lands; his head became the Satya Loka. I don’t know how to address you now.


The Ugadi of the year Parthiva, i. There they cited a her- mitage and went inside where they were welcomed by Sage Atri. The Kalagnana Govinda Vakya no. Chapter 2 Knowing ‘Kalki’ Through ‘Kalagyana’ Here are few selective points of Kalagyana taken from the individual chapters of this book which were spoken by Sri Veera Brahmendra Swami.

All the four Gods went back to their own abodes. Kalagnansm the history of over billion web pages on the Internet.


Two gold swans fly in the sky and sweep around cities and those who intend to catch them loose their eyesight. Fire bursts, poisonous gases, volcanic eruptions, torrential rains, tornados, world wars, landslides, explosions in mountains, killings by lifeless machines, deluges in rivers and oceans would wipe out lives on a large scale [Refer to Ch.

Lord enquired, “O Devi! Jagadeeshwar Reddy, Cyber-tech computers, jagtial, People who hear those sounds, would die In this world still you kind of great souls exist, that’s why we all are surviving”. He was married to a highly spiritual and devoted lady called ‘ Prakrutamba’.

It indicates that Lil- liputians kind of dwarfs would come You are trying to make all my desires and expectations null and void”. In the year named ‘Durmukhi’ starting from the ‘Kartika Sudhdha Chaturdashi’ day fourteenth day after new moon in the month of NovemberI would start eliminating all the sinners and that year onwards there would be many ‘Mahapralayam’ cataclysms.

People lost their moral values. Had Swami been born in then surely Swami wouldn’t have gained so much respect and popularity because people wouldn’t have believed his verses as ‘predic- tions’ since, living among British, to say British would rule the country would be an absurd statement rather than being a prediction.

The way you were worshiped till now, you would remain venerable by everyone in future as well. He preached Vedic knowledge to many people who were submerged under the ocean of ignorance, false beliefs, superstitions and athe- ism. We have observed that flies, mosquitoes, or ants never touch this baby’s body.

Chapter 23 Brahmopadesam to Achchamma Veerappayacharya decided to take Achchamma to Yaganti early morning the next day and went to sleep for that night. Swami wrote Kalagyana in two styles viz.

Sri Veera Bramhendra swamy vari charithra – kalagnanam pracharam, Jagtial

He is considered to be the incarna- tion of Lord Vishnu. When it attains one month age, it re- mains as a tough pindam and first of all head gets formed. On Karteeka Bahula Dwadasi day, in North direction, stars with four faces would be seen and would kalagnnam for 25 weeks Even after dedicating whole life for them when they do engoish get their efforts returned in terms of love and care; finally, when they remain on their death bed, that moment they repent reminiscing the useless past life.

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Discourse on Chaya Purusha Lakshanam Macharla village kings would get slain by a mad woman. At that time Kali purusha in the form of Shudra came and started beating him.

So break all your attachments with these bodies which are made of Panchabhoota five ele- Santosh Ayalasomayajula Sri Veerabrahmendra the Precursor of Kalgananam ments and always think of the Satchidananda Swaroopa Sarveswara in every stage of your life”. What were his lifetime glories?

englis Kindly rethink about what I said. If you’ve read Kalagnanam, then feel free to create a blog and educate people. Swami Tells About Eswaramma They were written in Telugu and Sanskrit languages. Come out of all such illu- sions and stay focused on the Lord Parameswara”. Veerappayacharya along with all the cows went near Ravvalakonda area. With fear in heart, one can’t find the Brahmam. After that sage Atri revealed some divine experiences with the infant to the couple. Kalagnajam of them were non-Telugu speaking people.

Kalki November 1, inn 1: But still there was no change in the cows’ behavior. From the same Jyoti, all these worlds were born and would vanish in the same finally”. These are found to be in close match with the incidents cited in Kalki Purana.

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