The Baphomet [Pierre Klossowski, Sophie Hawkes, Stephen Sartarelli] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. Fiction. Pierre Klossowski’s last. the critics’ prize that year to Klossowski’s final novel, Le Baphomet. For critical accounts of all these novels see Ian James, Pierre Klossowski: The Persistence. Pierre Klossowski – The Baphomet by duarte0martinho.

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Goodreads helps you keep track of books you want to read. Lolita — Vladimir Nabokov. I thought that, given it’s a novel, it had been miss-shelved. Klossowski wishes wishes baphojet he was as talented as Georges Bataille. Christopher Mildren rated it liked it Aug 10, Spoon River Anthology — E.

The Baphomet – Pierre Klossowski | Read Literature

Crowning the complexity is a puzzling sentence discreetly slipped in at the onset of Roberte Ce Soir. She is the narrow-faced woman with her hair coiled on her head.

When Octave describes his art collection, he self-analyzes his writings about Roberte as well. To add your own review or remarks, please scroll down to the comment box.

Fede rated it really liked it Apr 11, Before starting The BaphometI did some background reading on Gnosticism, and that is helping a lot. Views Read ,lossowski View history.

No trivia or quizzes yet. I gather this bronze serpent is some kind of medieval machine meant to inspire faith in people who must have thought God made it work. The Cornish Trilogy — Robertson Davies.

As the first volume of the trilogy progresses, Roberte comments on her husband as a character, then as a character-author of a book—in fact, the second volume, Roberte Ce Soir —that he has written about her. Dombey and Son — Charles Dickens. Things he seems to care about: I was all but throwing up my hands when klosdowski I hit a bit about a reincarnated fly exploring a hermaphroditic body in ecstasy, and later an extended dialogue with an anteater antichrist.


My interpretation was that everything that takes place after the prologue is happening to the swirling breaths, not real bodies, though there is at least one sequence in which the Grand Master is dreaming himself back in his body.

After the prologue, all of the characters in the novel so far are the disembodied spirits of the dead, seen as swirling breaths of air. I am intrigued by the novel. You must be logged in to post a comment. The Foucault prologue was unbelievably boring, surprisingly, and Klossowski’s explanations appendix also sort of destroyed some of the mysteries of the whole thing i.

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The Baphomet by Pierre Klossowski

Number Zero — Umberto Eco. Only prologue’d so far. Even though Bataille wrote weird pornos, he managed to pair the eroticism with a rigorous theoretical perspective. Apr 14, Lex Poot rated it did not like it Shelves: Chuck LoPresti rated it really liked it Jun 25, Other transgressive French writers, or American critics who wish they were French.

Ne parlo qui; https: Retrieved from ” https: Want to Read saving…. Pure theory is often a stretch for me. Thanks for the background info. In other words, passages that have recently been written as it were become objects of commentary in other, not necessarily later, passages. To ask other readers questions about The Baphometplease kloossowski up. If Klossowski had contented himself with staging the social consequences of such a practice, his erotic writings would have klossoski shallow, however scandalous and more often than critics have noticed comical.


The Baphomet

It was somewhat salvaged by Nietzsche appearing in the guise of an anteater later, which is undeniably awesome, and the general craziness of the heresies going on, like the ideas behind spitting on the cross. Theresa who spoke to him as he died. It’s and black rites, homoeroticism, and internal schisms are contributing to the collapse of the Templars.

And the paintings that he details sometimes rather painstakingly also bear on the story. Non manca nulla in questo romanzo denso e di non facile approccio. Oct 15, Andrew added it Shelves: Klossowski infers a psycholiterary theory from this ancient custom: I tend to think that in reading what is most important is to be able to visualize.

Darren Mitton rated it it was amazing Nov 23, Interesting and very difficult to follow, which is something I normally don’t mind not like Joyce is easy, exactly Yet as in other examples of that quintessentially French literary tradition going back at least as baphomt as the Marquis de Sade the pertinence of whom Klossowski himself rehabilitates in Sade My Neighbor, explicitly sexual, even blatantly pornographic, writings sometimes aim well beyond their immediate subject matter.

I kloseowski read it twice this time, once rather quickly and again trying to slow down and concentrate.

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