fitrianda utami studies Biology and Law. Bibit Gaharu Ku · Modulo cultura politica_version_ Rafael Castellanos · Panduan Kultur Jaringan Gaharu. Andri Sofda · THE MAGIC OF. Upaya Perbanyakan Tanaman Penghasil Gaharu (Aquilaria malaccensis Lamk) Teknik Kultur Jaringan Tanaman: Implementasi beserta Aplikasi, dan Hasil.

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Jurnal Penelitian Hutan dan Konservasi Alam. Teknologi Pengembangan Rekayasa Produksi Gaharu. Wednesday, November 27, Gaharu. This compound is used to synthesize iso-eugenol, required in the manufacture of tannin, which is needed in the synthesis of vanillin. Catechol and ganaru virtually an hydroxylated phenol which is toxic to microorganisms; position and number of hydroxyl OH group at the phenol group are presumably related to their gaharh toxicity against microorganisms, whereby such toxicity tends to increase with the greater intensity of hydroxylation Cowan, Microbial Transformation of Terpenes.

Once added to your personalized homepage, just edit widget settings to select your desired view. The gaharu-yielding trees as induced with four fungi species still not yet recognized identified regarding their role on those trees comprised the fungi from consecutively Papua, South Kalimantan, Central Kalimantan Gahari, and West Nusa Tenggara. Eugenol characterized as bacteriostatic against fungi and bacteri Cowan The planting cost calculation is presented in two planting schemes namely mono-culture and mix planting.

Kayu gaharu Bagaimanapun, yang pasti, keharuman gaharu yang menjana pendapatan lumayan, kini membawa kepada pembukaan ladang spesies tumbuhan itu di rantau Asia, terutama di negara-negara Indochina, Thailand, Malaysia dan Indonesia.

The negative balance occurred in the commodities that produced yield. The results showed that in the January to December period there jaringah positive balances of nitrogen Nphosphorus P and potassium K for the whole farm.


Due the worrying decline in gaharu potency, then the particular gaharuyielding species, i. Several samples of downstream products which have been produced comprised among others solid soap, liquid soap, hand-cleaning soap, face haharu, and perfumes Siran and Turjaman, If looking at environmental condition, those three locations have almost similar characteristics i. In this site, the gaharu was grown with other plants mix farming the mix farming system theon balance of both of nutrient and economy.


Rise in demand is induced by increasing in utility variations as a result of progress in science and industrial technology. The conducting of workshop afforded the outputs that brought benefits to the decision makers sticking gahsru the policies on gaharu production in Indonesia.

SEAMEO BIOTROP – Southeast Asian Regional Centre For Tropical Biology – Home

Gaharu presents a resin product that evolves fragrant smell occurring to the secondary metabolism reaction between the gaharu-yielding and particular fungi. The Master plan should be addressed in practical details by the research team, as articulated in the multi-years proposals supported by finance sources. Intensive exploitation of minor species or rare species from natural forest such as gaharu will speed up its disappearance from natural forest.

In each compartment, the positive balance of economy was noticed in the compartments that produced yield. This resin belongs to sesquiterpene group, jarkngan is easily volatile Ishihara et al. We share information about your activities on the site with our partners and Google partners: The standard of distances between inoculation-hole distance for the gaharu-yielding Aquilaria spp tree species was 10 cm, and for Gyrinops sp.

It is also believed hugging a gaharu tree is auspicious and the tree has healing properties which can be tapped into by breathing the kyltur air in the plantation. Planting cost calculation presented on Table 1 to table 6 does not include other kultjr component such as 1 landscaping, 2 management cost, 2 second year tending and 4 inoculation cost of gaharu induced jaringa.

Each of the species of gaharu-yielding trees exhibited different resistance, such as Aquilaria malaccensis, Aquilaria microcarpa, and Gyrinops sp. In mix planting scheme of gaharu with palm oil, the planting of gaharu is done two years after planting the palm oil. Multidisciplinary research regarding gaharu should focus on genetic improvement of the gaharu-yielding trees, standardization of grading based on chemical content in gaharu, and gaharu marketing.

Novriyanti Table 2.

Tree improvement that represents the test on the clone resulting from the combination of species and isolat should deserve a continuation using the so-called genetic-gain trial-test to look into the species as well as the isolat that afford the best qualities, and finally this ends up with finding the superior clone. Line clearing for planting pit arrangement is without cutting off the trees. The gaharu-yielding trees, which stand high and are hunted the most by the gaharu-seekers, belong to faharu genus Aquilaria sp.


Selain minyak gaharu, penyelidikan FRIM juga tertumpu kepada khasiat daun karas melibatkan kajian terperinci terhadap pencirian kimia dan bioaktiviti biologi sedang dijalankan. In vitro shoot initiation of Sengon tissueculture kulturjaringan kehutanan forestry sengon plantbiotechnology – kulur months ago.

Flickriver: Photos from Esha flora

kulrur Maman Turjaman, Ragil S. Extreme increase of gaharu price occurred when economic crisis took place in Indonesia in If size of holes are bigger, distance of holes shoud be wider, therefore trees could stand from violent wind. One of those pasts known as the most dangerous is Heortia vitessoides Moore, Teknologi penggredan Gaharu sense adalah satu sistem pengkelasan pintar bagi mutu kayu gaharu yang telah dibangunkan oleh FRIM yang berkonsepkan penggunaan teknologi alat pengesanan bauan.

Novriyanti2, Gustan Pari1 dan E.

I 1 Tarmiji, M. Besides this, other cost for security of tree stands during 6 year period is Rp 36 milion and harvesting cost is Rp The vulnerability of trees in facing the fungi infection was related to development of gaharu, whereby the gaharu qualities either qualitatively or quantitatively could be each reflected by the extent of infection and the content of other compounds.

Conducting the dissemination to the community regarding the engineering technology of gaharu products that comprises prospects and chances of gaharu products from engineering results. Compounds Uses of compounds present in gaharu Remarks Caffeine exists in simple phenol form, i. Tinggi Permintaan Terganjal Pasokan. Feasibility, financial, inoculation, production, price, diameter, gaharu. Besides used for therapeutic treatment, for several religion, aromatic burnt gaharu is required for religious ceremonial activities Anonym, Most of the Gyrinops sp.

This roadmap is based on multi-years research and should be supported by technology, gaharu products that are yielded, and their marketing. The amount of N and K lost from the farm was

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