The promise of Kushiel’s Dart (), the first volume of Carey’s immense trilogy set in a skewed Renaissance world, is more than realized in this splend. Kushiel’s Avatar is the third book in the Kushiel’s Legacy saga and the final book in the Phedre trilogy. It concerns Phedre’s childhood friend Hyacinthe and the. Kushiel’s Reread Kushiel’s Avatar book cover Jacqueline Carey Stranger in a Strange Land: As horrible as the zenana was for Phèdre.

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This final book was not quite so much about politics, I think. This last installment of the trilogy spends sufficient time establishing Imriel’s character and planting the seeds for decades of future conflict. For such a complex series, the legacy is so simple.

It definitely needed more Favrielle and her sass. Loyal to his promise to protect and serve Phedre into damnation and beyond, he followed her in his worst nightmare. Carey is a rambler; She goes off track more times than I ever bothered avztar count.

Like, in captivity, Phedre somehow convinces her fellow prisoner to help her break a way into a closed off courtyard where they can finally see the sun again after months of darkness, both physical and emotional darkness; and as that happens, you can just feel avwtar incredible vibe of human strength course avatxr the people present.

Nevertheless, they have no choice but to deal with the difficult situation in whatever way they can and then try to heal the wounds that this effort will cause them. It’s pretty much edge-of-your-seat action for the last pages. Steles of the Sky.

Kushiel’s Avatar (Phèdre’s Trilogy, #3) by Jacqueline Carey

They are just such great characters. A couple of times, I found myself not to continue reading because I was afraid of what will happen to the characters! In those moments, I feel I know Ms.


We must do it ourselves. Daughter of the Empire. A beautiful woman, both internally and externally, strong and determined in the difficult situations but also very sensitive, a creature that despite everything that she suffers she still has love for the others as her motive. This copy is the Audible. The only problem is that I feel it reaches its climax too early, so the continuation seems rather subdued, as if the writer is left out of ideas, which somewhat spoils the excellent impressions I get to the middle.

Return to Book Page. Occasionally, Carey’s turns of phrase will reveal to me the wide-eyed fangirl behind the sophisticated writer, and I cherish those moments almost as much as the passages that leave me feeling awe. The land of Terre d’Ange is a place of unsurpassed beauty and grace. View all 9 comments. Preview — Kushiel’s Avatar by Jacqueline Carey. Kushiel’s Dart and Kushiel’s Chosen pulled me into a world of political intrigue and colliding loyalties, but it was Avatarr Avatar that made me care about the characters.

It was totally leering at me in all its ominousness hahaha. I ended up briefly avatat the middle third and it still took me twice as long to read.

Kushiel’s Avatar by Jacqueline Carey

Several of her sex scenes build and stroke desires to a feverous peak before it explodes in a fiery climax. Refresh and try again. She’s a well developed character, but, ugh, untolerable. I never say much about 6 star books.

A voyage of discovery, of cultural exploration and above all, about love and this book goes beyond just romantic love. And I really liked the character Imriel. Phedre receives a letter to look for someone missing, someone who by the accident of birth has become a pawn in the Royal machinations. Jun 21, Geoff Gerrietts rated it really liked it. I fell in love with them, fought beside them, cried for them, I lost hope as they did and, finally, I found my way like they did.


We are all these things, I thought, while the sun blazed in the sky and the ochre sands reflected its heat. I finally understand why my husband was so in love in Jacqueline Carey. Still, I could not forget. Phedre has always been a challenging heroine for me in that her nature as an anguisette is hard for me to wrap my mind around.

Kushiel’s Avatar | Kushiel’s Legacy Wiki | FANDOM powered by Wikia

To view it, click here. I don’t begrudge Phedre her love, but it was a different kind of story.

Recommended fantasy series Recommended fantasy trilogies Hidden fantasy book gems Recommended fantasy audiobooks. Above all, however, she is a heroine that is not perfect, having her own weaknesses and her own personal demons that perhaps resemble ours.

Each climax is warranted, but having multiples is not entirely without cost. How avatsr a series with prose this purple and a premise this absurd be so gripping? Retrieved from ” https: Queen of the Darkness. Five well earned stars.

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Everything about this trilogy is bittersweet and all the more emotionally powerful for it. Through all the darkness and the light, the victories and the losses, the bitterest hate and the most uplifting love, I have felt swept away and transported along with the characters. Joscelin is now definitely high on my list of book boyfriends.

But it’s still amazing, the trial that happen to their relationship. That is how much I love Kushiel’s Legacy.

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