Editorial Reviews. Review. In s England, year-old Lydia Grenville is a few The Last Hellion (Scoundrels Book 4) – Kindle edition by Loretta Chase. Romance Kindle eBooks @ The Last Hellion. Loretta Chase. Buy This Book. I know I’m going to be in the minority, but here it is: The Last Hellion was a disappointing read. The Last Hellion is the last of the four books in Ms Chase’s will recall how skilfully Loretta Chase recounted Dain’s backstory in the book’s.

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And he was really clever, too, even when he was drunk, which was all the time at least at the beginning. It starts out with our hero, Vere, or Duke of Ainswood. Having watched her mother and sister die in such conditions, she has a soft spot for women and children that lurks beneath hellikn prickly exterior. As such she came to earn a well-deserved reputation as a dogged journalist who lastt afraid to get her hands dirty for the sake of getting a story.

The heroine lost her young sister to tuberculosis and the hero his young ward to diphtheria. Vere, of course, is the subject of the book’s title. She was a breathtaking firebrand, and Vere Lorefta, the notorious Duke of Ainswood, had never seen anything like her. Lydia Grenville had a difficult childhood, but she is reinventing herself as a successful journalist and writer of serials in the newspaper.

Helena Martin, who first appeared in Captives of the Nightplays one of Lydia’s best friends and confidants. Caz Owens Review Date: I’m not going to steal anything. Just when it seems that Vere and Lydia may resolve their personal contest of wills, the dark forces at work in the seamier side of London threaten not only Lydia, but also Vere’s beloved nieces.

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Customers who viewed this item also viewed. The other hellion, an uncommon woman of many parts, is his perfect complement, though they bicker their way to love, as two strong characters are wont to do when life gets tricky.

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It was there that she met a video producer who inspired her to write novels and marry him. Overall, The Last Hellion was a very good read. I originally read this book about six-years ago and have re-read it every couple of years since.

The way the romance was handled was quite true to the characters and was hilarious and poignant at the hellion time. I also like that much of the geographic references are correct. Lydia Grenville is dedicated to protecting London’s downtrodden. Look for the Kindle MatchBook icon on print and Kindle book detail pages of qualifying books. In fact, I wish someone would have sat down and enjoyed a nice cup of tea, or a nap. So Lydia was left to fend for herself and she works as a journalist and a writer.

It began with a prologue which explored the hero’s background, creating a sympathetic character right from the start who had some pretty good reasons for being a hellion and a dissolute rake.

The Last Hellion (Scoundrels, #4) by Loretta Chase

Lydia took that girl, Tamsin, who is a real sweetheart, into her home, where she became Lydia’s other best friend and biggest supporter. Lydia took that girl, Tamsin, who is a real sweetheart, into her home, where she became Lydia’s other best friend and biggest supporter. Francis Beaumont who was murdered in that same book also appears, so this story apparently comes before Captives of the Night chronologically even though it falls later in the series.


Customers who bought this item also bought. Much like Dain was nicknamed Beelzebub, Lydia has been dubbed such things as Lady Grendel, the monster, and dragon-lady. Just read 1st 2 chps, liked the scenes with Vere and his cousin. Beautiful, tall, statuesque, Amazonian, but I could not warm to her character, no matter how many souls she saved with her incredible talents. The second half is sweet and tender and lovesick Vere is wonderful and funny!

Miss Messalina Grenville Definite adults only material, not for the faint of heart. This is a wonderful story and so beautifully written; perhaps my change of heart has something to do with the fact that I have just re-visited it but the audio version this time with the amazing Kate Reading performing it. She is on the verge of catching the bawd abducting a young woman but is prevented at the last minute by Ainswood, who mistakenly believes that Lydia, the madam, and her quarry are merely ladies of the night engaged in a quarrel.

Miss vestal virgin Grenville What have you done with your breasts? May 14, Publication Date: He falls in love with the heroine do-gooder as he begins to appreciate her directness, her bravery, and her practical kindness.

Under her married name, Loretta Chase, has been publishing historical romance novels since

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